COVID-19 Cases in Nepal

Covid-19 Cases in Nepal: A single-day spike of 1,120 cases has pushed Nepal’s coronavirus tally to 41,649 the Union Health Ministry data showed this morning. The death count has risen to 251 with 11 more fatalities. 1,112 patients have recovered from the infection in the country, pushing the recovery rate to 56 per cent.

The number of corona infections in Nepal has reached 41,649. In the last 24 hours, 1,120 people have been confirmed to be infected with the corona virus, according to the Ministry of Health and Population. Among the infected are 800 men and 320 women.

Active Covid-19 cases In Nepal

The number of active covid-19 cases in Nepal is 18,108. There are 1,138 people infected in Province No. 1, 1,127 in Province No. 2, 5,067 in Bagmati Province and 639 in Gandaki Province. There are 1,252 people in Province No. 5, 350 people in Karnali Province and 920 people in Far-Western Province and 10,493 people in institutional isolation across the country.

Similarly, 676 people are in Home Isolation in Province No. 1, 4,103 in Province No. 2, 2,176 in Bagmati Province, and 38 in Gandaki Province. Similarly, there are 407 people in Province No. 5, 77 people in Karnali Province and 138 people in Far Western Province, and 7,615 people in Home Isolation across the country. A total of 144 people are infected in the ICU and 18 are being treated in the ventilator.

Nepal Coronavirus Death Update

Twelve more people have died from the corona virus (Covid-19) infection. The death toll has risen to 251. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population P.D. According to Jageshwar Gautam, the death toll in Corona has risen to 251 with 12 deaths in 24 hours.

Among the dead are five from Kathmandu Valley. There are 89-year-old women from Kathmandu, 70-year-old women from Lalitpur and 70-year-old, 75-year-old men from Kathmandu and 40-year-old men from Bhaktapur.

Similarly, there are two women aged 18 and 55 in Chitwan, 20 in Tanahun and 60 in Kapilvastu. The deceased have been identified as a 97-year-old man from Bara, a 65-year-old man from Chitwan and a 47-year-old man from Dhading Jageshwar Gautam said.

Nepal Covid-19 Discharge Updates

According to the ministry, 1,122 people have been discharged without infection during this period. The total number of those discharged has reached 23,290. There are 6,766 people in quarantine.

Similarly, there are 1,787 people in Province No. 1, 6,034 people in Province No. 2, 1,569 people in Bagmati Province and 1,799 people in Gandaki Province, 5,066 people in Province No. 5, 2,137 in Karnali Province and 4,988 in Far-Western Province have been infected and 23,290 people have been infected so far.

Nepal Covid-19 Cases Cross 40,000 with 1,069 new cases

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