BBA Time table 2079 Exam Date Sheet, Routine 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th Final semester is available here. Download the TU BBA exam date sheet 2079 and know your exam dates now. BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, so students from any stream can take this course. The BBA data sheet 2079 for the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th final semester semesters is being searched by students from all universities.

BBA Time Table

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management, Examination Controller Division has released the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th, and 8th final semester exam date 2079. This year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) semester exam will be conducted from Asadh 23 to Asadh, 2079. The exams will be held from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Students are advised to visit the official website of TU to download the BBA timetable 2079. Have a look a the subject-wise exam routine for TU BBA Exam routine 2079 here.

BBA Time Table 2079

A meeting of the Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management, Dean office, Kirtipur, Kathmandu held on Tuesday decided to conduct the BBA 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th, and 8th Final semester examinations.

Business Administration is a bachelor’s degree that is pursued by students who desire to become administrators. The BBA timetable for 2079 is being released by Tribhuvan University. It is a four-year eight-semester course. BBA students are searching for the exam dates so that they can start preparing for the exams.

You can find the details about the BBA exam schedule for 2022 here. Here are the links you need to click if you want to find out what your BBA exam schedule is for 2022.

BBA 1st Semester Time Table 2079

Exam DateDaySubject
26th May 2023
Jestha 12, 2080
FridayEnglish – I (New Course and Old Course)
28th May 2023
Jestha 14, 2080
SundayFoundation of Business Management
(NC) / Principles of Management (OC)
30th May 2023
Jestha 16, 2080
TuesdayMicro Economics for Business (NC) /
Micro Economics (OC)
1st June 2023
Jestha 18, 2080
ThursdayBusiness Mathematics – I (NC and OC)
2nd June 2023
Jestha 18, 2080
FridayIT and Applications (NC) Computer
System & IT Applications (OC)

BBA 2nd Exam Time Table 2079

Here is the exam time table for BBA’s second semester of Ist year 2079. Macro Economics (OC) has been scheduled for Chaitra 16, 2079. Business mathematics and Human resource management will be held on Chaitra 19 and Chaitra 21 respectively.

Exam DateDaySubject
28th March 2023
(Chaitra 14, 2079)
TuesdayEnglish – II (OC) /
English – II (NC)
30th March 2023
(Chaitra 16, 2079)
ThursdayMacro Economics (OC) /
Macro Economics for Business
2nd April 2023
(Chaitra 19, 2079)
SundayBusiness Mathematics – II (OC) /
Business Mathematics II (NC)
4th April 2023
(Chaitra 21, 2079)
TuesdayHuman Resource Management
(OC) /Financial Accounting (NC)
6th April2023
(Chaitra 23, 2079)
ThursdayIntroductory Database (OC) /
Database Management System (NC)

BBA 3rd Semester 2079 Exam Routine

Exam DateDaySubject
16 September 2022
(Bhadra 31 2079)
Friday Financial Accounting
18 September 2022
(Ashoj 02 2079)
Sunday Business Communication
20 September 2022
(Ashoj 04 2079)
Tuesday Business Finance
21 September 2022
Ashoj 05, 2079)
Wednesday Business Statistics
22 September 2022
(Ashoj 06 2079)
Thursday Management Information System

BBA 4th Semester Time Table 2079

Here is the exam routine for BBA 4th semester 2nd year 2079. Fundamentals of Marketing have been scheduled for Asadh 23, 2079. Cost management accounting and Basic Psychology will be held on Asadh 26 and Asadh 28 respectively.

Exam DateDaySubject
Chaitra 15, 2079 Wednesday Fundamentals of Marketing
Chaitra 15, 2079 Friday Cost and Management Accounting
Chaitra 15, 2079 Monday Basic Psychology
Chaitra 15, 2079 Wednesday Business Environment in Nepal
Chaitra 15, 2079 Friday Business Law

BBA 5th Semester Exam Routine

Tribhuvan Univesity will arrange the BBA 5th Year examination. BBA 5th semester exams will take place between Poush 30 and Magh 10. Fifth-semester exam date and time will be announced later. Here is the exam routine for BBA fifth semester 2079. International Business has been scheduled for Poush 30, 2079. Basic Financial Management and Corporate Taxation in Nepal will be held on Magh 03 and Magh 05 respectively.

Exam Start Date: Poush 30

Exam End Date: Falgun 20

Exam DateDaySubject
Poush 30, 2079 (14th January 2023)
SaturdayInternational Business
Magh 03, 2079 (17th January 2023)TuesdayBasic Financial Management
Magh 5, 2079 (19th January 2023)ThursdayCorporate Taxation in Nepal
Magh 07, 2079 (21st January 2023)SaturdayOperation Management
Magh 10, 2079 (24th January 2023)TuesdaySociology for business

BBA 6th Semester Exam Date Sheet 2079

You can check the exam date sheet for BBA 6th semester 3rd year 2079. Organization Behaviour has been scheduled for Asadh 22, 2079. Nepalese society politics and Business research methods will be held on Asadh 25 and Asadh 27 respectively. Similarly, Entrepreneurship and E-commerce will be held on Asadh 29 and Asadh 31 respectively.

Exam DateDaySubject
Asadh 22, 2079 Wednesday Organizational Behaviour
Asadh 25, 2079 Saturday Nepalese Society and Politics
Asadh 27, 2079 Monday Business Research Method
Asadh 29, 2079 Wednesday Entrepreneurship
Asadh 31, 2079 Friday Ecommerce

BBA 7th Semester Exam Routine

You can check the exam date sheet for BBA 7th semester exams will take place between Poush 29 to Magh 09. A date and time for the 7th-semester exam will be announced later.. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility have been scheduled for Poush 29, 2079.

Exam DateDaySubject
Poush 30, 2079 (13th January 2023)FridayBusiness Ethics and Social
Magh 02, 2079 (16th January 2023)
MondayFinancial Institutions and Markets I
Consumer Behavior / Productivity Management
Magh 04, 2079 (18th January 2023)WednesdayWorking Capital Management /
Marketing Communication /
Supply Chain Management
Magh 06, 2079 (20th January 2023)FridayInvestment Analysis /
Fundamentals Of Selling /
Service and
Magh 09, 2079 (23rd January 2023)MondayCommercial Bank Operations/
Services Marketing

BBA 8th Semester Exam Routine 2079

Here is the exam routine for BBA 8th Semester 2079. Check the BBA 2079 exam time table pdf here. Financial Derivatives has been scheduled for Asadh 07, 2079. Public Relations and Media Management and Business Strategy will be held on Asadh 09 and Asadh 15 respectively.

Exam Start Date: Asadh 07

Exam End Date: Asadh 15

Exam DateDaySubject
Asadh 07, 2079 Tuesday Financial Derivatives
Asadh 09, 2079 Thursday Public Relation and Media Management
Asadh 11, 2079 Saturday Banking Law And Regulation
Asadh 07, 2079 Monday Treasury Management MR
Asadh 15, 2079 Wednesday Business Strategy

Details Mentioned On BBA Date Sheet 2079

The following details will be mentioned on BBA Date Sheet 2079:

  • Exam Day
  • Exam Date
  • Duration of the Exam
  • List of Subjects
  • Subject Code

How to download the Routine of BBA 1st 2nd 3rd And 4th Final semester semesters 2079?

The stepwise BBA 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th final semester Time Table 2079 PDF downloading details are given below.

Step 1 – Firstly, Go to the FOM official website. i.e.
Step 2 – Find examination-related material web link. Click on the same.
Step 3 – Look for BBA Time Table 2079 Semester routine and click on the PDF link.
Step 4 -BBA Semester exam dates for all the streams will get downloaded at the screen.
Step 5 – Also, download it to your desktop or mobile and take the printout for future reference.

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