SEE English Model Question 2080 Class 10 with Solution: The Curriculum Development Centre has released the latest academic year, 2080-2081, Compulsory English model question papers for all class 10 students. The class 10 English model questions have been made available on the official website of the Curriculum Development Centre, and students can download all the model question PDFs. The board has also provided the solution or marking scheme along with the model questions.

New SEE English Model Question 2080

NEB Model Questions are provided below with answers as per the guidelines of the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) board marking scheme. This is the model question paper as per the latest SEE Class 10 Model Question 2080 CDC syllabus published for the 10th class exams 2080- at

National Examination Board Exam English Model Question for Class 10 is given here. CDC Class 10 English Sample Paper gives an idea of the question paper pattern and marking scheme. By solving these Class 10 English model questions, students will get well-versed in the question paper design. Some of the questions from these model questions might be asked in the class 10 final exam. So, practicing them will be an advantage for the students preparing for the Class 10 exam.

SEE 2080 (2024)
Reading and Writing
(Written Test)

Grade: 10 Full Marks: 75 Time: 3 hours
Candidates are required to give answers according to the given instructions.

Attempt all the questions.

1. Read the following text and answer the questions that follow. (5×1=5)

Sarah and Jamie stood on their tiptoe and gave the card from their school to the tall man behind the counter of a farm. The man frowned and made a face. “So you’re looking for some work, And who are you?” “I’m Sarah. I’m twelve. This is my brother Jamie; he’s eleven.” “Shouldn’t you be at school?” “We are on holiday. And would like to earn some money and support our parents.” The man lifted his hat and scratched his head. “Working in the farm is a quite tough job for kids like you. I need somebody big and strong to work here,” he said. “There must be some work for us in this big farm. Could you please find one?” Sarah pleaded. “And right. Let’s see. Do you know what a Cabbage White is?” the man asked. “Yes, it’s a beautiful white butterfly that lays its eggs on cabbages. And those eggs change into caterpillars.”, answered Sarah. “And do you know what the caterpillars do?” “They eat the cabbage leaves!” shouted Jamie.

(a) Where were Sarah and Jamie?
(b) Why did they go there?
(c) Why did the man scratch his head?
(d) What do you mean by Cabbage White?
(e) What do you think their work would be there?


(a) Sarah and Jamie were at a farm.
(b) They went there to earn some money and support their parents during their holiday.
(c) The man scratched his head because he was unsure if there was suitable work for Sarah and Jamie.
(d) Cabbage White refers to a beautiful white butterfly that lays its eggs on cabbages.
(e) Their work there would likely involve dealing with Cabbage White caterpillars, possibly by protecting the cabbages from them.

2. Read the following text and do the tasks. (10 )

Cyber Security : Basic Internet Safety Tips

When you want to make your home secure, you lock the door. When you want to prevent your bike from being stolen, you use a bike lock. When you want to protect your valuable possessions, you keep them in a safe. But what do you do to protect your identity online? Modern life is fundamentally intertwined with the internet. Nearly every daily task now has the opportunity for online integration, and almost everyone owns multiple devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, smart watches, smart TVs and many more. The more accounts and devices you have online, the greater the potential is for criminals to access your personal information and take advantage of you. Online safety is important no matter your age or life stage, but there are particular concerns for certain vulnerable groups like children, teenagers and senior citizens. When it comes to internet safety, it’s best to start with the basics. Here are some tips to guide you as you evaluate your online habits and make small changes to ensure your privacy and security on the internet. While creating a new password, pay attention to strong password requirements. Use different user IDs or password combinations for different accounts, Make the password more complicated by combining letters, numbers, and special characters and create hard-to-guess passwords, and keep them private. Change your passwords quite often. Don’t share your passwords with other people. Make sure passwords and password hints are stored securely. Record passwords in an encrypted file on your computer, or select another secure password storage method. Avoid writing them down. Prevent “auto-login”, uncheck “Keep me signed in” and “Remember my password” options.

A. Write “TRUE” for true and “FALSE” for the false statement. (5×1=5)

(i) We use door lock to save our bike from being stolen.
(ii) Internet has become an essential part in our daily life.
(iii) There is a high chance of cyber crimes if we have many accounts and devices.
(iv) It is needless to ensure our privacy on the Internet.
(v) We should write passwords to remember in the future.

A. True or False:
(i) True
(ii) True
(iii) True
(iv) False
(v) False

B. Answer the following questions. (5×1 =5)

(i) How do you save your valuable things?
(ii) Who are prone to be victimized on cyber world?
(iii) What do you need to do for your cyber safety?
(iv) Who is this text for?
(v) Who do you think is responsible for cyber crime? How?

Short Answers:
(i) Valuable things can be saved by using locks, safes, or secure storage methods.
(ii) Vulnerable groups like children, teenagers, and senior citizens are prone to be victimized in the cyber world.
(iii) To ensure cyber safety, one needs to create strong passwords, avoid sharing them, and be cautious about online activities.
(iv) The text is for anyone concerned about internet safety, with particular emphasis on vulnerable groups.
(v) Cybercrime is often perpetrated by individuals or groups with malicious intent, exploiting vulnerabilities in online systems or targeting unsuspecting users through various scams.

3. Read the following text and do the task: (10)

Lumbini is located in the Rupandehi district of Southern Nepal close to the Indian border and inscribed on the UNESCO world Heritage list. It is renowned for being the official birth place of Siddhartha Gautam
who became the Buddha. The main site is known as Lumbini Development Zone which is sealed in by a perimeter fence. There are lots of beautiful places to visit some of them are listed as;

  • Lumbini Temple/ Temple of Mayadevi : Walk inside the temple built over the spot Buddha was born.
  • Mayadevi Pond : Where Buddha’s mother is said to have bathed before giving birth to him.
  • Lumbini Museum : Historic manuscripts and item from the area.
  • Bodhi Tree : impressive tree covered in prayer flags beside the sacred pond.
  • Ashoka Pillar : stone pillar dedicated to emperor Ashokan.
  • Buddhist Temples: 2nd century BC temples to modern day temples.
  • Crane Sanctuary : This natural reserve has been put aside as a safe area for local birds, including the Saris Cranes.
  • We can get access to Lumbini by flight or by bus. One can fly to Bhairahawa from Kathmandu; then take a bus, taxi or rickshaw to Lumbini which is about 30 minutes away. By bus, it is cheaper and more frequent route to Lumbini. You can approach Lumbini in a reasonable amount of time by bus. From Kathmandu it’s 6-9 hours; from Pokhara it’s 6-9 hours and from Chitwan it’s 5-6 hours.

A. Fill in he blanks with the correct words from the text above.(5×1 =5)

(a) Lumbini lies in …………….. district of Southern Nepal.
(b) Lumbini is well-known for being ……….. of Siddhartha Gautam.
(c) Siddhartha Gautam’s mother took bath in …….. pond before giving birth to him.
(d) Ashoka Pillar is dedicated to ………..
(e) It takes about ………….. minutes to get to Lumbini from Bhairahawa by bus.

Answers Fill in the blanks:
(a) Rupandehi
(b) the official birthplace
(c) Mayadevi
(d) emperor Ashokan
(e) 30

B. Answer the following questions. (5×1=5)

(a) Write down any two attractions of Lumbini.
(b) How is Lumbini Development Zone sealed in?
(c) How much time does a bus take to get to the birth place of Gautam Buddha from Kathmandu?
(d) What does the word ‘manuscripts’ refer to in the text?
(e) Do you think Lumbini is one of the world’s major tourist- inviting places? Why?

Short Answers:
(a) Two attractions of Lumbini are Lumbini Temple/Temple of Mayadevi and Mayadevi Pond.
(b) Lumbini Development Zone is sealed in by a perimeter fence.
(c) It takes 6-9 hours by bus to get to the birthplace of Gautam Buddha from Kathmandu.
(d) “Manuscripts” refer to historic documents or writings from the area.
(e) Yes, Lumbini is considered one of the world’s major tourist-inviting places due to its historical and religious significance as the birthplace of Buddha.

4. Read the following text and do the tasks that follow. 15

Marie was born in 1867 in Warsaw, Poland, where her father was a professor of physics. At an early age, she displayed a brilliant mind and a blithe personality. Her great exuberance for learning prompted her to continue with her studies after high school. She became disgruntled, however, when she learned that the university in Warsaw was closed to women. Determined to receive a higher education, she defiantly left Poland and in 1891 entered the Sorbonne, a French University, where she earned her Master’s degree and doctorate in Physics.

Marie was fortunate to have studied at the Sorbonne with some of the greatest scientists of her day, one of whom was Pierre Curie. Marie and Pierre were married in 1895 and spent many productive years working together in the Physics laboratory. A short time after they discovered radium, Pierre was killed by a horse-drawn wagon in 1906. Marie was stunned by this horrible misfortune and endured heart breaking anguish. The fact that she had two young daughters to raise by herself greatly increased her distress.

Marie was asked to succeed her husband as a Physics professor at the Sorbonne. She was the first woman to be given a professorship at the world-famous university. In 1911 she received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for isolating radium. Although she eventually suffered a fatal illness from her long exposure to radium, she never became disillusioned about her work.

A Match the words in column ‘A’ with the words having similar meanings in column B. (5×1=5)
Column A Column B
(a) anguish (i) lucky
(b) displayed (ii) finally
(c) fortunate (iii) showed
(d) eventually (iv) mental and physical pain
(e) brilliant (v) cheerful
(vi) exceptionallytalented

Answers match the words:
(a) (iv) mental and physical pain
(b) (iii) showed
(c) (i) lucky
(d) (ii) finally
(e) (vi) exceptionally talented

B. Write ‘TRUE’ for the true statement and ‘FALSE’ for the false statement. (5×1=5)
(a) Marie was the daughter of a professor.
(b) She got her doctorate in physics from Poland.
(c) Pierre Curie was a great scientist of his day.
(d) Marie brought up her two young daughters after her husband’s death.
(e) Marie got the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1911.

True or False Answers:
(a) True
(b) False
(c) True
(d) True
(e) False

C. Answer the following questions. (5×1=5)

(a) When was Marie born?
(b) Why did Marie leave Poland?
(c) How was Marie’s husband killed?
(d) What are two different reasons greatly distressed her according to the text?
(e) How does this lesson motivate you?

Short Answers:
(a) Marie was born in 1867.
(b) Marie left Poland because the university in Warsaw was closed to women.
(c) Marie’s husband, Pierre Curie, was killed by a horse-drawn wagon.
(d) Marie was distressed by the death of her husband and the responsibility of raising her two young daughters alone.
(e) This lesson motivates by showcasing Marie Curie’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

5. Write a paragraph stating the advantages of walking as a physical exercise in about 100 words. You can use the given clues. 5

Clues: walking – physical activity – minimizes heart diseases – connects one with people and places – mental health – sound mind in sound body – controls obesity


Walking is not just a simple activity; it’s a powerful form of exercise with numerous benefits. Firstly, it’s a fantastic way to stay physically active without needing any special equipment or a gym membership. Regular walking helps to minimize the risk of heart diseases by keeping the heart healthy and strengthening cardiovascular function.

Moreover, it’s a great way to connect with both people and places, as you can walk with friends or explore new neighborhoods on foot. Apart from the physical benefits, walking also contributes to mental health, promoting a sound mind in a sound body. Additionally, it plays a significant role in controlling obesity by burning calories and maintaining a healthy weight. Overall, walking is a simple yet effective way to improve both physical and mental well-being.

6. Write a news story with the help of the given clues in about 100 words. 5

Mr. ABC Rai …………. a six (6) years child of XYZ school ………… way to his school through the jungle …….. lost in the jungle ……….. after 3 days rescued by a group of woodcutter ………… parents heartily thanked
the woodcutters.


In a story filled with bravery and kindness, a young boy named ABC Rai, who is only six years old and attends XYZ School, set out on his usual path through a dense forest to get to school. But something unexpected happened—he got lost. Despite being so young, ABC Rai stayed strong and kept going for three whole days, even though he was alone in the wild.

Meanwhile, his parents and the whole community searched everywhere for him, worried sick about what might have happened. Just when they thought they might never find him, a group of woodcutters found ABC Rai hidden among the trees.

When ABC Rai’s parents saw him again, they hugged him tightly, crying tears of joy. They were so grateful to the woodcutters who had found their son and brought him back safely. This touching story shows us how brave people can be, even when they’re small, and how important it is to help each other, especially in difficult times.

7. Write set of six rules and regulations to be followed by the patients in a hospital in about 150 words. 6

(i) Rules and regulations for patients in a hospital:
(ii) Follow the instructions of medical staff without resistance.
(iii) Maintain cleanliness and hygiene within hospital premises.
(iv) Respect the privacy and dignity of other patients.
(v) Adhere to visiting hours and restrictions.
(vi) Report any changes in health conditions promptly.
(viI) Avoid disruptive behavior and maintain a peaceful environment.

8. A large number of youths and professionals leave Nepal and migrate abroad each year. Write a letter to your friend who lives in a foreign country expressing your opinion about the effects of such migration. Also include suggestions and solutions to the problems caused by such migration in about 200 words. (8 Marks)

9. Reproduce the following sentences as indicated in the brackets.(6×1=6)

(a) Let me play ………….. ? (supply the correct question tag)
(b) Has the man had a bath? (change into statement)
(c) She has been working here for five years. (Change into ‘How long’ question)
(d) Don’t make a noise ! I ………. (read) (Use the correct tense of the verb read) (e) “Don’t touch that paper, “said the inspector. (Change into indirect speech)
(f) Did they finalize the date? (Change into passive voice)

(a) Let me play, shall I?
(b) The man has had a bath.
(c) How long has she been working here?
(d) Don’t make a noise! I am reading.
(e) The inspector forbade touching that paper.
(f) Was the date finalized by them?

10. Choose and copy the correct answer. Rewriting is not required.(10×0.5=5)

Once there was a well in a forest. One day, a fox was walking by ……… (a) ……… (a/ an/ the/ no article) well. Suddenly, he slipped …….. (b)………. (into/ on/ to/ from) the well. The well was very deep, ……… (c) …….. (so/ however/ therefore/ so that) he could not come out of the well. He made lots of efforts, ……….. (d) ………(didn’t he / don’t he / doesn’t he / isn’t he) ? At the same time, a thirsty goat ………….. (e) ……….. (has passed/ pass / was passing / is passing) by the well and saw the fox in the well. The goat asked the fox ……… (f) ……… (what he was doing/was he doing/ what he did/what he does) there. The clever fox replied that he had been there to drink water. He further said, the water there was very good. Hearing that, the goat ….. (g) ….. (jumped/ was jumped/ is jumped/ jump) into the well at once. The fox stepped onto the back of the goat and jumped out of the well easily. The poor goat ……… (h) ………(was/ were/ is/ are) left to die there in he well. The persuasive words of the clever fox made the goat …….. (i) ……… (jump / to jump jumped / had jumped) into the well. If the goat had thought properly, it ………. (j) ……… would not have died / would die / will die/ to die) there.

Multiple Choice Answers:
(a) a
(b) into
(c) so
(d) didn’t he
(e) was passing
(f) what he was doing
(g) jumped
(h) was
(i) to jump
(j) would not have died

The End

SEE English Model Questions With Answer 2080

Reading and Writing
(Written Test)

Grade: 10 Full Marks: 75 Time: 3 hours
Candidates are required to give answers according to the given instructions.

1. Read the text given below and do the tasks.

The Voice of the Rain

And who art thou? said I to the soft-falling shower,
Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated:
I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain,
Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea,
Upward to heaven, whence, vaguely form’d, altogether changed, and
yet the same

I descend to lave the droughts, atoms, dust-layers of the globe,
And all that in them without me were only seeds, latent, unborn;
And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my own origin,
and make pure and beautify it;
(For song, issuing from its birth-place, after fulfillment, wandering,
Reck’dorunreck’d, duly with love returns.)

-Walt Whitman

A. Choose the correct answer. (5 x 1 = 5)

a. The poem is a conversation between …………

i. the speaker and the rain.

ii. the rain and the nature.

iii. the speaker and the Earth.

iv. the Earth and the road.

b. Mother Earth is given happiness by…………

i. the sea

ii. the rain.

iii. the music.

iv. atoms.

c. The speaker says that like nature, the rain is……….

i. difficult to understand.

ii. easy to understand.

iii. always the same.

iv. not changing its shape.

d. The raindrops pour down to wash away……………

i. the land.

ii. the globe.

iii. the dust layer.

iv. the seeds.

e. The rain and a song are similar because…………..

i. both produce a melodious sound.

ii. both give happiness to the Earth.

iii. the rain can change its form and so does a song.

iv. the rain has a power to heal the Earth, and a song can heal the human heart.


a. i. the speaker and the rain.
b. ii. the rain.
c. iii. always the same.
d. iii. the dust layer.
e. iv. the rain has the power to heal the Earth, and a song can heal the human heart.

2. Read the text given below and do the tasks.

Thanksgiving Around the World

Festivals are not just the means of entertainment or joy. They also reflect our heritage, culture
and traditions. Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world to extend thanks for the harvest,
enjoying bountiful food, and spending time with family and friends. Even though Thanksgiving
seems to be uniquely American, the tradition is followed in different countries in various forms.

Thanksgiving, USA

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving in the USA is a national holiday
that commemorates the feast the Pilgrims held after the first harvest in 1621. The first
The celebration was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 pilgrims. Thanksgiving has been
celebrated intermittently ever since.

Thanksgiving dinner with family plays a central role in the celebrations, with Americans eating more food on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year, including Christmas. Roast turkey is essential – approximately 45 million of them are consumed every year – as well as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, and assorted fall vegetables, all food that is native to the Americans.

Parades are a big part of the celebrations too. They range from small-town affairs featuring the local marching band to Macy‘s Thanksgiving parade through the streets of New York. Billed as the world‘s largest parade, it features parade floats and huge balloons, usually based on cartoon characters, current Broadway shows, and other topical themes.

A. Match the information that begins in Column A with its correct ending in Column B. There is one extra ending that you may not use. (5×1 =5)

Column AColumn B
a. Extending thanks for the harvest i. is about 45 million in number.
b. Thanksgivingiii. is a main reason for celebrating Thanksgiving.
c. Consumption of roast turkey iii. is a main reason of celebrating Thanksgiving.
d. Food items like sweet potatoes iv. is celebrated in different ways.
v. will be performed by 53 pilgrimsii. is one of the largest parades in the world.
vi. are truly American origin.

a. ii. is a main reason for celebrating Thanksgiving.
b. i. is about 45 million in number.
c. iii. will be performed by 53 pilgrims.
d. ii. reveal or uncover something.
e. vi. are truly of American origin.

B. Answer the following questions. (5×1= 5)

a. What do festivals show about people?

b. When is Thanksgiving celebrated in the USA?

c. What is the main part of the celebration?

d. Mention the two variations in the parades?

e. Why do you think Americans celebrate this festival with rejoice even today?

a. Festivals show people’s heritage, culture, and traditions.
b. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA.
c. The main part of the celebration is the Thanksgiving dinner with family.
d. Two variations in the parades are the small-town affairs and Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.
e. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with joy today because it commemorates a historic feast and is a time for family gatherings.

3. Read the text given below and do the tasks.

Dodhara Chandani dry port gets environmental approval
Kathmandu, May 23 The proposed Dodhara Chandani dry port and check post in far western Nepal has moved a step forward with the government’s approving the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report.

The Rs15 billion construction project is located in Dodhara Chandani Municipality, Kanchanpur district, and is listed as a national priority project by the government. The construction site is spread over 250 bighas (189 hectares). On April 30, the cabinet cleared the use of 63 hectares inside Gaurishankar community forest, a buffer zone of Suklaphanta National Park, for the dry port.

According to the EIA, 15,057 trees need to be felled and; As per the Forest Clearance Guidelines, 10 compensatory trees must be planted for every tree cut for development projects. Project officials say that 150,525 compensatory trees need to be planted.―The dry port will be built under an Indian grant. A memorandum of understanding will be signed soon between the two neighbours, said Anish KC, a civil engineer at the Nepal Intermodal Transport Development.
Board. “Discussions are at an advanced stage,” he said.

Dodhara Chandani dry port will be the first business gateway to India from Nepal’s far west. The site is 245 km from India’s capital New Delhi and 1,200 km from Gujarat state. The dry port will facilitate trade with other Indian states like Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Haryana. The project is expected to lower transportation costs and the time taken to import goods from India.

The World Bank conducted a feasibility study for a dry port at Kanjabhoj in Dodhara Chandani Municipality a decade ago, and the Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board prepared another report in 2016.

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the text above. (5 x 1 = 5)

a. Dodhara Chadani dry port will occupy ……….. of area in Kanchanpur.

b. The Forest Clearance Guidelines directs the government to plant ………….trees to replace a felled tree.

c. The project will go ahead with ………… funding.

d. New Delhi is ………… far from Dodhara Chadani dry port site.

e. From the text above, it is seen that Nepal ………… necessary things and materials from India.

a. 189 hectares.
b. 10 compensatory trees.
c. Indian.
d. 245 km.
e. imports..

B. Answer the following questions. (5×1= 5)

a. What is the estimated construction cost of Dodhara Chadani dry port?

b. When was it approved to utilize 63 hectares area of Gaurishankar community forest?

c. What does the two neighbours‘ in paragraph 3 refer to?

d. Do you think this project will affect positively in nation‘s economic growth? Why?

e. Is this the first attempt of Nepal Government to set up a dry port in the far-western Nepal?

a. The estimated construction cost of Dodhara Chadani dry port is Rs. 15 billion.
b. It was approved to utilize 63 hectares area of Gaurishankar community forest on April 30.
c. ‘Two neighbours’ refers to Nepal and India.
d. Yes, this project is expected to have a positive impact on the nation’s economic growth due to increased trade facilitation.
e. No, it’s not the first attempt as a feasibility study was conducted a decade ago.

4. Read the book review given below and do the tasks.

Seto Dharti

Amar Neupane’s Seto Dharti is a fantastic piece of artwork. Tara, Pabitra, and other child widows are central characters in this book.

The main plot revolves around Tara’s life. She married when she was seven years old. She had no idea what love was then. Her own parents lied to her and forced her to remain in the Jaggya (wedding pavilion) claiming that they were worshipping God at home. She was taken to her home and told that she needed to go to the temple. She didn’t find out until the day after her wedding that she was marrying to someone she had never met before. She was sound asleep when it came time to execute the marriage rites. It was as if she were in a dream. She cried a lot as she thought of her mother. Her mother advised her on the dos and don’ts of becoming a daughter-in-law. She had to stay in her husband’s house for a year. It was very painful for her to stay there. After a year, she moved into her maternal home. She lost her husband when she was nine years old. She was invited to her home without being informed of her husband’s demise. She learned that her husband had died as soon as she arrived home. Despite the fact that he was a stranger in her life, she had to observe all the funeral rites. That was the first time she’d seen her husband’s face on his deathbed. Then she was taken to the ghatthat was on fire. Her jewelry as well as her clothing was taken away. Her head was shaved and she had to remain in mourning for thirteen days.

Towards the end of her life, she arrived in Devghat where she dedicated her life to God. She saw Govind’s image in the Swamiji there. Gobind was one of her childhood friends. He had taught her how to read and write.

Once a lady called Gangeswari visited Devghat Ashram. She became popular as a result of her experience and the wealth she took with her. Gangeswari visited Tara’s hut one night and unveiled her identity. She was Pabitra, Tara’s childhood friend. Pabitra told her how she went through various stages of life before becoming Gangeswari.

The novel depicts the difficulties Tara faced in her life. The novel tells her life from the time she was born till she turned 87. My throat choked several times while reading this book. It portrays an image of social evil and its negative effects on the lives of many Taras and Pabitras in Nepali society.

A. Match the words from the text in Column A with their meanings in Column B. (5×1= 5)

Column AColumn B
i. a person’s deathi. a person’s death
b. demise ii. reveal or uncover something
c. ritesiii. put completely into effect
d. mourningiv. the feeling or expression of reverence for a deity
e. unveil v. social customs or conventional acts
vi. the expression of sorrow for someone’s death

i. demise
ii. reveal or uncover something
iii. social customs or conventional acts
iv. the expression of sorrow for someone’s death
v. put completely into effect

B. Write ‘True’ for the true statements and ‘False’ for the false ones. (5×1= 5)

a. Tara is a main character in the novel Seto Dharti.

b. Tara had learnt that she was marriedwhen Tara went to her husband‘s home.

c. Tara first saw her husband a year after her marriage.

d. Tara started teaching people the meaning of life in Debghat.

e. Gangeswori was the false name of Pabitra.

a. True
b. False
c. False
d. False
e. False

C. Answer the following questions. (5×1= 5)

a. Write the names of characters in Seto Dharti as mentioned in the review.

b. How long did Tara have to stay in her husband‘s house?

c. What rituals did Tara have to follow after her husband‘s death?

d. Why do you think Tara saw the image of Gobind in Swamiji?

e. Why did the writer feel choked while reading the novel?

a. Characters mentioned in Seto Dharti are Tara, Pabitra, Govind, and Gangeswari.
b. Tara had to stay in her husband’s house for a year.
c. After her husband’s death, Tara had to follow the rituals of shaving her head and staying in mourning for thirteen days.
d. Tara saw the image of Gobind in Swamiji possibly due to her emotional attachment and memories associated with Gobind.
e. The writer felt choked while reading the novel due to its portrayal of social evils and their negative effects.

5. Write a set of rules and regulations for the visitors of a park. Write it in about 100 words using the clues given below. (5)

Opening time : 9am-5pm—- no glass containers — littering prohibited—- no alcohol —-pet animals not allowed

Answer Park Rules and Regulations :

  • The park is open from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Glass containers are not allowed inside the park.
  • Littering is strictly prohibited.
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Pet animals are not allowed inside the park.

6. Write a formal message of congratulations to your friend who has won the title of ‘Best Player’ in an inter-school volleyball tournament organized by your municipality/rural municipality. Write the message in about 100 words using the clues given below. (5)

Sanskriti Chaudhary —- the best volleyball player— hardworking and disciplined — happy and proud—congratulations— best wishes for future endeavor


Dear Sanskriti Chaudhary,

Heartiest congratulations on being awarded the title of ‘Best Player’ in the recent inter-school volleyball tournament organized by our municipality/rural municipality. Your exceptional talent, hard work, and disciplined approach have rightfully earned you this prestigious recognition. We are incredibly proud of your remarkable achievement and the dedication you have shown towards the sport. Your success is truly inspiring and reflects your commitment to excellence. Wishing you continued success in all your future endeavors.

Warm regards,

7. Nowadays many young people are found increasingly involved in various video games in their mobile phones. Write a paragraph in around 150 words expressing your views about the mental and social impacts of excessively playing such games. (6)

8. Write an essay describing one of your favorite food items. Write it in about 200 words mentioning its look, smell, taste, feel, etc. (8)

9. Reproduce the following sentences as instructed in the brackets. (6×1=6)

a. The accident cost Krishna a lot, ……………? (Add a question tag.)

b. Does Garima study in this school? (Change into an affirmative sentence.)

c. Yamuna danced beautifully in the party. (Change into ‘how’ question)

d. Raima …………. (finish) all her homework before her teacher asked her to do it. (Use the correct tense of the verb ‘finish’)

e. Everybody should follow the rules sincerely. (Change into passive voice.)

f. Bhim inquired, “How will you make the payment?” (Change into indirect speech)

a. The accident cost Krishna a lot, didn’t it?
b. Garima does study in this school.
c. How beautifully did Yamuna dance in the party?
d. Raima had finished all her homework before her teacher asked her to do it.
e. The rules should be sincerely followed by everybody.
f. Bhim inquired how I would make the payment.

10. Choose and copy the best answer for the numbered blanks below. Rewriting is not compulsory. (10×0.5=5)

A man came into (a)………..(a, an, the, no article) wood one day with an ax in his hand. He (b)……… (begs, begged, was begging, had begged) a tree, (c) ……….(please give me, to give him, that give him, whether give him) a small branch. He wanted the branch (d)…….. (because, so that, although, since) he could make a walking stick from it. The tree was (e)…… (with, of, by, on) kind nature. He thought the man (f) …… (will, may, might, must) make good use of the branch. Hence, he gave the man one of his branches, (g)…… …… (did he, didn’t he, hadn’t he, wouldn’t he)? The woodcutter had the branch (h) …..(fix, to fix, fixed, fixing) into his ax head. Soon the woodcutter was set to work. He cut down branch after branch. The tree had never been (i) ………. (foolish, as foolish as, more foolish, the most foolish) this in giving his enemy the means of destroying himself. Had the tree not permitted the man to cut a branch, he (j)….…….(doesn’t probably fell, won’t probably fell, wouldn’t probably fell, wouldn’t have probably felled) so many branches

a. the
b. begged
c. to give him
d. so that
e. of
f. might
g. didn’t he
h. to fix
i. more foolish
j. wouldn’t have probably felled

SEE Class 10 Model Question – Overview

Level of BoardNational Level
Name of Education BoardNEB SEE
Model QuestionsSEE Class 10 Model Questions
Full form of SEESecondary Education Examination
Official Website of Secondary Education
Study Material Here for SEEEnglish Model Questions
All Study Material of SEE BoardCurriculum Development Centre (CDC)
SEE English New Model Question 2080-81 Class 10 With Solutions

Benefits of SEE Model Question 2080-2081 Class 10 English with Solution:

SEE Model Question 2080-2081 Class 10 English with Solution provides several benefits for intermediate students preparing for their exams. Let’s explore some of the prominent advantages of having access to the SEE Model Question 2080-2081 Class 10 English with Solution.

Mastery over Various Question Types: SEE English exams consist of objective or MCQs, long answer types of questions, and short answer types of questions. Having mastery over various question types can help students score high marks. By practicing with the SEE Model Question 2080-2081 Class 10 English with Solution, students can develop a strong grip on different question formats.

Time Management Skills: Time management is crucial, especially during board examinations. Students need to have strong time management skills to complete the exam within the allocated time. By solving the SEE Class 10 English Model Question with Solution, students can practice within the given time frame, helping them learn effective time management.

Overcoming Exam Fear: Many students experience exam-related stress and fear, which can negatively impact their performance. By practicing the SEE Model Question 2080-2081 Class 10 English with Solution, students can gain real exam experience and build confidence by solving board-level questions within the given time frame. This helps in reducing exam fear and improving performance.

Understanding Exam Pattern: The SEE Model Question 2080-2081 Class 10 English with Solution is designed according to the exam pattern. Students can become familiar with the question pattern, marking scheme, and distribution of marks by practicing these model questions. This helps in understanding the exam structure and preparing accordingly.

Enhancing Answer Writing Skills: Answer writing skills are essential for scoring well in English exams. The SEE Model Question 2080-2081 Class 10 English with Solution provides examples of well-structured and comprehensive answers. Students can learn the art of presenting their thoughts and ideas effectively through these solutions.

How to Download SEE English Model Question 2080 With Solutions?

To Download SEE Class 10 English model questions 2080 by following the steps given below:

1] Visit the official website at

2] On the homepage, go to ‘Specification Grid’

3] Now select your respective class – Class 10 2080.

4] A new page will open and click on the English subject to download the model question

5] Click on the English subject to download the model questions.

6] From there you can access English Class 10 model questions in pdf file format.

SEE English Model Question 2080 Class 10 With Solutions

Where can I find the SEE English Model Questions for Class 10?

SEE Model Questions for Class 10 can be found on the official website of the CDC

Is SEE Class 10 English very difficult?

Students who consistently practice and dedicate time to solving problems can easily score well in SEE Class 10 English papers. Model Questions can give students an instant idea of the exam pattern.

Which model question paper is best for SEE Class 10 English?

The officially released model question paper of Class 10 English by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) is considered the best.

Are Model Questions of English Class 10 SEE 2080-2081 useful?

Yes, Model Questions of English Class 10 SEE 2080-2081 are very useful for practicing various questions and understanding the exam pattern and marking scheme of the English subject.

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