The Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, has published new model questions and marking schemes for all subjects for the SEE (Class 10) examination of 2080. The CDC annually releases model questions and solutions/marking schemes for the 10th class to assist students in effectively preparing for their examinations, providing them with an understanding of what they will be evaluated on.

Class 10 SEE Exam is starting tomorrow, March 28th, 2024. We have collected all the new model questions in one place.

Class 10 SEE New Model Question 2080

S.NModel Questions Paper
1SEE Class 10 English Model Questions
2SEE Class 10 Maths Model Questions
3SEE Class 10 Science Model Questions
4SEE Class 10 Social Model Questions
5SEE Class 10 Optional Maths Model Questions

Model question papers are the best resource to practice for the annual exams. This will help students identify their shortcomings. They should work on them and improve their performance. Solving the SEEpast year and model questions will also help students in managing their time effectively during the exams. Through class 10 model questions 2080 2081, they will be able to solve the complete paper on time. Students must practice all these model questions to score high marks in the annual exam. The model questions are prepared by experts in accordance with the SEE Class 10 Syllabus.

SEE Class 10 Model Question 2080-81

SEE Exam Routine 2080

Exam DateDaySubject
Chaitra 15, 2080ThursdayComp. English
Chaitra 16, 2080FridayComp. Nepali
Chaitra 18, 2080SundayComp. Mathematics
Chaitra 20, 2080Tuesday Comp. Science
Chaitra 21, 2080Wednesday Comp. Social Studies
Chaitra 22, 2080Thursday Optional First
Chaitra 23, 2080Friday Optional Second

Class 10 Model Questions 2080 – Overview

Level of BoardNational Level
Name of Education BoardNEB SEE
All Model Questions Click here
Full form of SEESecondary Education Examination
Official Website of Secondary Education
Study Material Here for SEEModel Questions / Past year Question Papers
All Study Material of SEE BoardCurriculum Development Centre (CDC)

SEE Model Questions CDC

The Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), releases the model questions, and our subject experts solve those questions so that students can use them for better exam preparation. Since there are multiple subjects, students need to go through each model question with answers to learn and develop their answering techniques. Our subject matter experts ensure that you receive high-quality SEE Model Questions with Answers, aiming for higher accuracy. Furthermore, the experts provide solutions to SEE model questions, focusing on the exam pattern and guidelines. These resources not only help students become familiar with exam-like questions but also aid in understanding the difficulty level of the questions

Class 10 Model Question Important Points

Model questions are crucial for students appearing in Nepal’s SEE (Secondary Education Examination). Here are some important points to note:

  • If you are a SEE student in Nepal, it is essential to practice with SEE Model Questions.
  • SEE Model Questions include a collection of sample questions for subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and others.
  • These model questions are designed according to the SEE syllabus prescribed by the examination board.
  • By practicing with model questions, students can familiarize themselves with the question formats, understand the concepts, and improve their problem-solving skills for the SEE exam in 2080.

Advantages of Solving SEE Model Questions 2080-81 Class 10 PDF

The SEE Model Questions cover the complete SEE Class 10 syllabus. Here are the advantages of solving model questions Class 10:

  • Model question papers offer a wide range of questions covering the entire syllabus, providing students with comprehensive practice.
  • Model question papers replicate the format and structure of the actual exam, helping students become familiar with the exam pattern, question styles, and time constraints.
  • Solving model question papers enables students to assess their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and improve problem-solving techniques.
  • By practicing with model question papers, students develop effective time management skills, learning to allocate time efficiently and complete the exam within the given timeframe.
  • Regularly solving model question papers builds confidence as students simulate the exam environment, tackle realistic questions, and feel prepared and confident for the actual exam.

Key Instructions to Know About SEE Class 10 Exam Model Questions 2080-81

Here are some important points to be aware of:

  • The Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) announced that the SEE examinations will be held in Chaitra 208-.
  • The SEE class 10th exam Paper for SEE will cover questions of various patterns such as very short answer/short answer /long answer type. The duration to attempt the paper is 3 hours.
  • The official website of the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) has released the latest SEE Model Question Papers for class 10 exams according to the revised class 10 exam 2080 2024 Syllabus.

How to Download SEE Class 10 Model Questions 2080-81 With Solutions?

To download SEE class 10 model questions 2080 by following the steps given below:

1] Visit the official website at

2] On the homepage, go to ‘Model Question Paper’

3] Now select your respective class – Class 10.

4] A new page will open and click on the desired subject to download the model question

5] Click on the desired subject to download the model questions.

6] From there you can access all the model questions in pdf file format.

Frequently Asked Questions on SEE Class 10 Model Question

Where can I find the SEE Model Questions for Class 10?

Model Questions for Class 10 can be found on the official website of the CDC

How can I download the SEE Model Questions 2080 PDF?

You can download the SEE Model Questions 2080 PDF from this page or directly from official website of the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in Nepal.

When will the Class 10 Model Questions 2081 be released?

The release of Model Questions for the year 2081 will be as per the academic calendar set by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in Nepal.

What is the official website of the SEE 10th Model Question 2080-81?

The official website is

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