SEE Result 2098 date– This year SEE result 2023 is the most important topic in Nepal education conscious society. Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is among the most important exam in Nepal.

SEE Result 2078 Published Date

A few weeks ago the government decided to stop the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) this year. If you are one of the 4 lakhs students eagerly waiting for the announcement of the SEE Result 2079 published date, you have come to the right place. If the latest update is to be believed, the SEE 10th Result for 2079 will be announced soon. Last year, the SEE result was declared on 17th August 2020. Read the article to know more details of SEE 10th result 2079 date, website, revaluation, and supplementary exams.

Live Updates: SEE Result 2079: Check Your SEE Result 2079 With Marksheet

SEE Result 2079 Published Date

SEE result 2079 will be published within the third week of Shrawan. National Examination Board (NEB) is preparing to publish the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) within the last week of July.

The National Examination Board has instructed the school to send the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) to the Education Development and Coordination Unit (formerly District Education Office) by July 4.

Result UpdatesResult Published Date
SEE Result 2079 27 July 2022

Chairman of the board Chandra Mani Poudel has identified the school as per the target of publishing the SEE result 2079 by July 27, 2022. According to Student Assessment Results Publication and Verification Procedure for Secondary Education Examination Class 10 2079, all schools will have to evaluate their students and send the schedule.

According to the notice issued by the board, the marks obtained by the students in Excel format are entered by keeping the code of their respective schools. Similarly, the Coordinating Units will have to send the marks obtained from the school and the ‘Mark Ledger’ certified by the Evaluation Committee along with the experimental and theoretical marks to the Board of Examiners by July 10.

The results obtained from the internal assessment of the students have to be sent to the District Coordination Unit Office by July 4. Chandra Mani Poudel, the chairperson of the National Examination Board (NEB), said that the National Examination Board (NEB) has passed the procedure for the assessment of students on Sunday.

The coordination committee has to send the internal assessment sent by the school and the records of all the students of the district to the National Examination Board by mid-July. The board will publish the final results of the SEE and issue the certificate within 15 days of the receipt of records from all the districts by the end of July.

The board will make the main subject teachers responsible for the internal evaluation of the students and will form a five-member committee consisting of school principals, senior teachers, English, mathematics and science teachers.

The decision to form a five-member committee was taken after complaints were received that the headmaster had done it alone last year and sent it with random numbers. The board has made a provision to open the reason for the over-evaluation of students. In case of disagreement, provision has been made in the examination procedure to return the assessment.

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