The Dean’s Office of the Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) Tribhuvan University has published a notice regarding the priority form for students who wish to study CSIT subjects. The Institute of Science and Technology conducted the BSc CSIT entrance examination on September 28, 2023, and published the result on 14th Ashwin 2080. Students are informed that they should fill out the CSIT priority form 2080 of the campus/college they wish to attend using the link provided on this office’s webpage:

CSIT Priority Form 2080

Candidates who appeared and passed the CSIT Entrance Examination 2023 are eligible to participate in the priority form process for admission to all the participating institutes of IOST through CSIT scores. Admissions to all 15 constituent and 45 affiliated colleges will be through the priority form process. The allotment of seats will be based on choices filled by the candidates during the CSIT 2080 priority form submission. Students who do not fill out the priority order form will not be included in the admission list, so it’s very important to fill out the priority application form

CSIT Entrance Result 2080

CSIT Priority Form Result 2080

The CSIT Priority Form 1st List and Merit admission List results were declared on October 5, 2023 (19th Ashwin 2080) and 16th October 2023, (29th Ashwin 2080). After the publication of the first priority form, students can secure admission into their respective colleges of choice based on the priority form. The second merit list and final merit list has been published on the 29th of Ashoj 2080. The admission period is from Ashwin 23, 2080, to Ashwin 26, 2080.

Priority Form Notice

The Second Admission List will be based on the priority list of campuses/colleges filled by the students according to their rank. The list of all interested students will be attached, and the second list has been published on the 29th of Ashwin 2080. The names of the students who have filled the priority order for twenty (20) campuses/colleges will be published in the second list, and they will get admission to the above 20 campuses/colleges based on their rank. Vacant quotas after the first list of admissions and the vacant quotas after inclusive admissions will be filled with students from the second list, based on their rank.

CSIT Admission Instructions for 2080:

  • Campuses/colleges must admit students based on the merit order (rank) of the admission list and review the students’ score sheets.
  • When enrolling students, campuses/colleges must submit complete transcripts and certificates of I.Sc./+2 or secondary school examinations, or similar examinations, for the second grade or the prescribed grade used in the application form. Campuses/colleges should send certified copies of transcripts for all admitted students along with the list containing the rank/score sheet of the entrance examination to the Dean’s office in the respective campus/college via email at [email protected]. Students who have taken supplementary examinations (NG Exam / DI) or who have not met the minimum qualifications must submit the complete mark sheet of class 11, complete transcript of class 12, and certified copies of certificates to the Dean’s office in the respective campus/college, via email at
  • Students who have passed I.Sc./+2 or secondary school examinations or similar examinations from a domestic or foreign university, along with their migration certificate, should be admitted after obtaining an equivalency certificate.
  • Students must meet the specified qualifications for the entrance exam, which requires having studied Physics and Mathematics subjects in I.Sc./+2 or similar examinations from a local or foreign university. They must have achieved a final grade of “C Grade” in each subject of class 11 and 12 of secondary school and must have passed at least second grade in the same exam. Regarding A Level (with Physics and Mathematics subjects), students who have passed with at least a D Grade (with or without a small letter) in each subject will be admitted. For the Three Years Diploma in Engineering subject (Physics and Mathematics), students who have passed with at least a second class are eligible for admission.
  • Campuses/colleges should not admit students who are unable to submit the required academic certificates within the admission period.
  • If any campus/college is found to have admitted unqualified students, the admission of such students will be automatically canceled, and both the campus/college and the students themselves will be held responsible.
  • Campuses/colleges must follow the instructions mentioned above for student admissions. If they admit students against these instructions and those students later pass but do not receive their transcripts, both the campus/college and the students will be responsible.
  • The admission process for the first admission list must be completed by the campuses/colleges within the specified time.

CSIT Inclusive Quota Admission (Samabesi Quota)

80% of the total quota of campuses/colleges in the first admission list is published under an open category. The remaining 20% quota is inclusive, and every campus/college must call for applications as follows, along with attached forms/documents, and admit students accordingly.

Inclusive Application Call Date: Kartik 14, 2080.
Last Date to Apply: 17th Kartik 2080.
List Publication Date: 2080 Kartik 19th.
Second List and Inclusive Admission Period Date: Kartik 20 to Kartik 24, 2080.

Enrollment forms and details of the enrollment quota in each campus/college are attached.

How to Apply for CSIT Priority Form Online in 2080

  • Visit the official website of IOST at, where you previously filled out the CSIT application form.
  • Enter your entrance application number and other required details on the webpage.
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button. Upon successful login, locate the ‘Priority Form’ option in the top right corner of the page.
  • While filling out the priority form, make sure to use the Voucher Code (Product ID) you received when paying the fee during the exam form submission.
  • Candidates will need to select the college in which they wish to study and specify their course preferences as CSIT. Seats will be allocated to aspirants based on their rank in the CSIT entrance result.
  • The period for filling out the Priority Form will be from the 15th of Ashwin 2080, starting at 10:00 am, until the 17th of Ashwin 2080, concluding at 5:00 pm.
  • During this period, you can make corrections to the order of priority as many times as necessary. Each time a correction is made, everyone will be notified to submit and confirm.
  • The last submitted and confirmed priority list will be considered final.
  • The CSIT priority list will be published for the information of all, along with the release of the first admission list.
CSIT Priority Form 2080

Points to Remember During Priority Form Process

Candidates should pay attention to the following things while filling the Priority Form:

  • Candidates should download their score sheet and keep the information about the score and rank obtained by them.
  • Information about the list of campuses/colleges conducting the B.Sc.CSIT program and the student quota in them should be obtained from the website, or you can also check it from the link below this page
  • The admission list will be published using the rank obtained by the examinees as the main basis and the campus/college designated by the examinees as the auxiliary basis. For example: The first-ranked campus/college will be listed for admission in the priority order set by the examinee who gets the first rank. After that, the candidates who get the second, third, and their rank are listed for admission according to the order of priority.
  • Candidates are advised to select the suitable campus/college for them based on their rank and score and also fill the Priority Form accordingly.
  • Up to 20 (twenty) campuses/colleges you want to study can be set in order of priority (from high priority to low priority).
  • Only female candidates who have passed the entrance exam are informed to fill the Priority Form at Padmakanya Multi Campus.
  • There will be no separate fee for filling out the Priority Form. Candidates have to fill out the Priority Form using the Voucher Code (Product ID) received for paying the fee while filling out the exam form. Students who do not fill out the priority order form will not be included in the admission list.
  • The period for filling the Priority Form will be from 15th Ashwin 2080 at 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on 17th Ashwin 2080. During this period, the order of priority can be corrected any number of times. Every time a correction is made, everyone is notified to submit and confirm. The one submitted/confirmed last time will be fixed, and it will be considered the final one. This priority list will be published for the information of all along with the publication of the first admission list.

BSC CSIT Constituent CAmpus Total Quota (Open and Samabesi

S.N.Campus/CollegeTotal QuotaOpen (80%)Samabesi (20%)
1Patan Multiple Campus, Patan Dhoka14411529
2Amrit Campus, Lainchaur14411529
3Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, Bhaktapur725814
4Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, Bagbazar725814
5Siddhanath Science Campus, Mahendranagar725814
6Ramsworup Ramsagar Multiple Campus, Janakpur725814
7Mechi Multiple Campus, Bhadrapur, Jhapa725814
8Mahendra Morang Adarsh M. Campus, Biratnagar725814
9Birendra Multiple Campus, Bharatpur, Chitwan725814
10Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara725814
11Butwal Multiple Campus, Butwal725814
12Bhairahawa Multiple Campus, Bhairahawa725814
13Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepalgunj725814
14Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dang36297
15Central Campus of Technology, Dharan36297

CSIT Affiliated Colleges Quota (Open And Samabesi)

SNName of Colleges/CampusesTotalOpenSamabesi
1St.Xaviers College, Maitighar483810
2Kathford Intl. College of Eng. & Manag., Balkumari483810
3New Summit College, Santinagar483810
4Prime College, Nayabazar483810
5St.Lawrence College, Chabahil36297
6College of Applied Business, Chabahil36297
7Kathmandu Bernhardt College, Bafal483810
8Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Sifal483810
9Vedas College, Jawalakhel483810
10Texas International College, Chabahil483810
11National College of Computer Studies, Paknajhol483810
12Orchid International College, Gaushala483810
13Ambition College, Baneshwor36297
14Sagarmatha College of Science & Technology, Sanepa483810
15Nagarjuna College of Information Tech., Shankhamul36297
16Academia International College, Gwarko483810
17Himalaya College of Engineering, Sankhamul483810
18Asian School of Management, Samakhusi483810
19Madan Bhandari Memorial College, Binayaknagar483810
20Nepalaya College, Kalanki36297
21Trinity International College, Dillibazar483810
22Asian College of Higher Studies, Jawalakhel483810
23Samriddhi College, Lokanthali483810
24Swastik College, Bhaktapur, Thimi36297
25Kathmandu College of Technology, Bhaktapur36297
26NIST College, Banepa36297
27Shreeyantra College, Damak, Jhapa483810
28Birendra Memorial College, Dharan483810
29Godawari College, Itahari36297
30Birat Kshitiz College, Biratnagar36297
31Nihareeka College, Biratnagar36297
32Birat Multiple College, Biratnagar36297
33AIMS College, Biratnagar36297
34Himalaya Darshan College, Biratnagar36297
35National Infotech College, Birgunj483810
36Hetauda City College, Hetauda36297
37Chitwan College of Technology, Chitwan36297
38Lumbini ICT Campus, Gaindakota483810
39Mount Annapurna Campus, Pokhara36297
40Soch College, Pokhara36297
41Lumbini City College, Butwal36297
42Nepathya College, Butwal36297
43Banke Bageshwori Campus, Nepalgunj36297
44Nepalgunj Campus, Nepalgunj36297
45Ambikeshwori Campus, Dang36297

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