Simple Rules to Increase Memory 
And Concentration

Sometimes when you try to remember a place or a person’s name, but no matter how much you do, you don’t remember it.

Want to learn simple rules to increase memory and concentration? YES, then congratulation you enter the right place. This is the article for you.

It is said that as we age, our memory weakens. It can happen. But, memory can be kept healthy even as we get older. There are some rules for that.

Simple Rules to Increase Memory
And Concentration


Exercise regularly, memory increases. How so it is natural to ask questions.

When we exercise, the brain cells interact with each other and new cells are formed. Cardio exercise is better, oxygen flows in the body. If you do this exercise outdoors, you also get vitamin D. Walking, swimming, solving puzzle are the best exercises to improve memory and concentration

Remember With Activity

It is a method of remembering or recalling anything along with any activity. This type of practice is often used by film actors. If you do anything with movement, it is more possible to remember it.

If you have to give a presentation somewhere and you are preparing for it. Suppose you prepare for it by reading notes and preparing by dancing or physical gestures, the second method will be more effective.

Balanced Diet

When you eat sugary foods, 20 percent of it goes straight to the brain. That is why the working condition of the brain depends on the level of glucose.

If you don’t control your sugar levels, your brain may become dizzy. Instead, such foods are good for the brain, which releases the chemical dopamine.

Also, keep in mind that brain cells are made up of fat. So there should be fat in the food. In addition, walnut, bean, pear, fish is very good food that improve memory.

Be Unaware Of the World

Stress is also good for the day. Because in an emergency, the same mind can make quick decisions. But, being under stress for a long time affects the same mind.

Also, sometimes it is better to be unaware of the world. It relaxes the mind. Then another part of the brain works. That part, which is activated when dreaming. This exercise can be very effective in improving memory.


You know, sleep is very important. If you sleep five hours a day, you may not be as alert mentally. This condition also occurs when you sleep for more than 10 hours.

What does it mean, how long do you sleep or when do you wake up? Its sign is also associated with memory.

The best way to do this is to sleep in the dark and wake up when the light begins to shine. For example, the rays of the sun. The touch of the rising sun’s rays is also very beneficial in enhancing memory.

Discover New Challenges

To keep the mind healthy, you need to challenge it. It motivates you to learn something new.

That is, the practice of learning a new language, the practice of learning a new art also increases the capacity of the mind. Even if you can’t do all this, you can still play online games with friends and family. Music has a magical effect on the mind. Listen to a song, play an instrument, you will feel that the body is fully active. Music can be an effective treatment for memory loss.

Read and Think

When you read something new, the two cells of your brain are connected. When you sleep, this contact becomes stronger. What you read stays in the brain. It’s a good idea to remember anything.

That’s why it’s not good to listen to a movie or a scary story before going to bed, it has a negative effect on your brain.

I tried to cover as much as I could simple rules to increase memory capacity. At last, I’d love to mention that post helps to improve your memory power and concentration.

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