Why is Food Important? Many have the same answer to this question. That is – ‘to satisfy our hunger’. Do we just need food to satisfy our hunger? Or does it have other functions?

Why is Food Important?

Similarly, some people, when faced with questions like why is food important, make the statement, “I don’t know why is food important.”

Why is Food Important?

If you are curious about the importance of food and why is food important for us. You have reached the right place. In this post, you will know about why food is more important than you think.

In fact, every living thing in the world needs food. Our body can be compared to a motor vehicle. Just as a car needs oil or gasoline to run, so we need food to work. We do a lot of things throughout the day. Working in this way, our body needs energy. Food gives energy to the body. That’s why is food important for the body.

Our brain is checking the amount of food in our body. When the amount of food in the body is balanced, our brain inactivates our stomach and intestines. When our body is short of food, the news reaches our mind. As soon as the amount of food in the body decreases, the brain activates our stomach and intestines. Then we feel hungry.

If we are hungry and do not eat, we will not be able to survive. The growth of our body is stopped and we do not have the energy, vigor, and energy to work. Different parts of our body also stop working. That’s why food is important for humans.

There are different elements in the food we eat. That’s why scientists have studied what elements our bodies need to stay healthy. So eating is not the only way to stay healthy. We also need to eat the right amount of different elements for the different functions that take place in our body.

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These elements also contain protein. Protein helps in the formation of new cells in our body. Without protein, our body stops growing. Protein is found in milk, eggs, meat, cheese and fish. Another element is that carbohydrates give energy to our body. Carbohydrates are found in starchy foods. Such as potato, flour, rice, sugar etc.

Not only this, but our body also needs minerals. We need 18 different types of minerals. For example, calcium and phosphorus are needed by our body for the strong growth of bones and teeth. Iron helps our cells do the right thing. With the help of copper, our body makes the blood red and makes hemoglobin which takes oxygen. Iodine also helps in various activities.

Is that all our body needs? No, science has found that our bodies also need vitamins. Vitamins also play a big role in staying healthy. Each vitamin works differently in the body. Overall, it helps to strengthen our mind to develop our body. We also need water. As we all know, 70% of our body is made up of water. It helps in maintaining the fluidity of the blood and doing various other things.

What we can learn from this is that why is food important and food is not just food to satisfy our hunger. We also need proper and balanced food to stay healthy.

And that’s it! I tried to cover as much as I could about the importance of food. At last, I would love to mention that this post can help to understand why is food important for humans and other living beings.

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