FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule Nepali time, Team list, Match Dates & Fixtures, and first Match can be checked here. FIFA World Cup 2022 will be organized from 21 November 2022 to 18 December 2022 in Qatar as the FIFA World Cup schedule in Nepali Time is updated below. The tournament will be the first to be held in the Arab world. It will be the second World Cup to be held entirely in Asia after the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan. The tournament is to be played across eight venues, with the final taking place at the 80,000-capacity Lusail Iconic Stadium.

World Cup 2022 Groups

The total number of teams in the FIFA World cup is 32. The following are the names of the team :

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Group B: England, Iran, United States, Wales

Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Group D: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia

Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan

Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup Final 2022 full schedule and Nepali match time

The FIFA World Cup 2022 final will be played at the Lusail Iconic Stadium on December 19.

Dec 17 (Poush 02)8:45 PMCroatia vs Morocco
Dec 18 (Poush 03)8:45 PMArgentina Vs France

FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule Nepali Time and fixtures

There are a total of 64 matches to be played in the upcoming season. There are the Nepali match dates and times for the new season of the FIFA World Cup 2022. You can check the World Cup 2022 schedule Nepali time from the table given below.

Nepali Date Nepali TimeMatches
November 20 (Mangsir 4)9:45 PMQatar Vs Ecuador
Nov 21 (Mangsir 5)6:45 PMEngland Vs Iran
Nov 21 (Mangsir 5)9:45 pmSenegal vs. Netherlands
Nov 22 (Mangsir 6)12:45 AMUSA Vs Wates
Nov 22 (Mangsir 6)3:45 PMArgentina Vs Saudi Arabia
Nov 23 (Mangsir7)12:45 AMFrance Vs Australia
Nov 23 (Mangsir 7)3:45 PMMorocco Vs Croatia
Nov 23 (Mangsir 7)6:45 PMGermany Vs Japan
Nov 23 (Mangsir 7)9:45 PMSpain Vs Costa Rica
Nov 24 (Mangsir 8)12:45 AMBelgium Vs Canada
Nov 24 (Mangsir 8)3:45 PMSwitzeraland VS Cameroon
Nov 24 (Mangsir 8)6:45 PMUruguay Vs South Korea
Nov 24 (Mangsir 8)9:45 PMPortugal Vs Ghana
Nov 25 (Mangsir 9)12:45 AMBrazil Vs Serbia
Nov 25 (Mangsir 9)3:45 PMWales Vs Iran
Nov 25 (Mangsir 9)6:45 PMQatar Vs Senegal
Nov 25 (Mangsir 9)9:45 PMNetherlands Vs Ecuador
Nov 26 (Mangsir 10)12:45 AMEngland Vs USA
Nov 26 (Mangsir 10)3:45 PMTunisia Vs Australia
Nov 26 (Mangsir 10)6:45 PMPoland Vs Saudi Arabia
Nov 26 (Mangsir 10)9:45 PMFrance Vs Denmark
Nov 27 (Mangsir 11)12:45 AMArgentina Vs Mexico
Nov 27 (Mangsir 11)3:45 PMJapan Vs Costa Rica
Nov 27 (Mangsir 11)6:45 PMBelgium Vs Morocco
Nov 27 (Mangsir 11)9:45 PMCroatia Vs Canada
Nov 28 (Mangsir 12)12:45 AMSpain Vs Germany
Nov 28 (Mangsir 12)3:45 AMCameroon Vs Serbia
Nov 28 (Mangsir 12)6:45 AMSouth Korea VS Ghana
Nov 28 (Mangsir 12)9:45 AMBrazil Vs Switzerland
Nov 29 (Mangsir 13)12:45 AMPortugal Vs Uruguay
Nov 29 (Mangsir 13)8:45 PMEcuador Vs Senegal
Nov 29 (Mangsir 13)8:45 PMNetherlands Vs Qatar
Nov 30 (Mangsir 14)12:45 AMIran Vs USA
Nov 30 (Mangsir 14)12:45 AMWales Vs England
Nov 30 (Mangsir 14)8:45 PMTunisia Vs France
Nov 30 (Mangsir 14)8:45 PMAustralia Vs Denmark
Dec 01 (Mangsir 15)12:45 AMPoland Vs Argentina
Dec 01 (Mangsir 15)12:45 AMSaudi Arabia Vs Mexico
Dec 01 (Mangsir 15)8:45 PMCroatia Vs Belgium
Dec 01 (Mangsir 15)8:45 PMCanada Vs Morocco
Dec 02 (Mangsir 16)12:45 AMJapan Vs Spain
Dec 02 (Mangsir 16)12:45 AMCosta Rica Vs Germany
Dec 02 (Mangsir 16)8:45 PMSouth Korea Vs Portugal
Dec 02 (Mangsir 16)8:45 PMGhana Vs Uruguay
Dec 03 (Mangsir 17)12:45 AMSerbia Vs Switzerland
Dec 02 (Mangsir 13)12:45 AMCameroon Vs Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2022 Knockouts Schedule Nepali Time

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Round of 16 knockout stages match will take place from December 3 to December 7.

Dec 03 (Mangsir 17)8:45 PMNetherlands vs USA
Dec 04 (Mangsir 18)12:45 AMArgentina vs Australia
Dec 04 (Mangsir 18)8:45 PMFrance vs Poland
Dec 05 (Mangsir 19)12:45 AMEngland vs Senegal
Dec 05 (Mangsir 19)8:45 PMJapan vs Croatia
Dec 06 (Mangsir 20)12:45 AMBrazil vs South Korea
Dec 06 (Mangsir 20)8:45 PMMorocco vs Spain
Dec 07 (Mangsir 20)12:45 AMPortugal vs Switzerland
FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule Nepali Time

Football World Cup 2022 Quarter Final full schedule Nepal Time

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter Final will take place from December 09 to December 11.

Dec 09 (Mangsir 23)8:45 PMBrazil vs Croatia
Dec 10 (Mangsir 24)12:45 AMArgentina vs Netherlands
Dec 10 (Mangsir 24)8:45 PMPortugal vs Morocco
Dec 11 (Mangsir 25)12:45 AMEngland vs France

2022 Football World Cup Semi-Final full schedule, fixtures, and Nepali match times

The semi-finals will be held on December 14 and 15, and the Bronze final on December 18.

Dec 14 (Mangsir 28)12:45 AMArgentina vs Croatia
Dec 15 (Mangsir 29)12:45 AMFrance vs Morocco

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