Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2023 approved by SEBON can be checked here. 2078 has been an excellent year for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in Nepal. The market witnessed a record number of businesses getting listed in 2078. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) represent the first sale of shares by a privately owned company to the public. The companies going public raise funds through their IPOs for working capital, debt repayment, acquisitions, and a host of other purposes.

The investor can apply for IPO Stocks in Nepal by filling out an online IPO application offered by the CDSC Mero share website and banks. You can also visit banks and brokers to fill out the online application for an initial public offering IPO. Different experts from the finance sector suggest that 2079 is also set to see a similar momentum in the IPO segment. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming IPOs in Nepal that investors are looking forward to.

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2023

The following shows the upcoming IPO list 2079 in Nepal:

Name Of The CompanyIssue Size In NPR. Crores
IPO Date
Upper Syange Hydropower Limited 8.7 Cr2023
Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower22.8 Cr 2023
Maya Khola Hydropower19.9 Cr27th January 2023
Dish Media Nepal Limited23.85 Cr2023
BPW Laghubitta Limited97 Lakhs2023
Trade Tower Limited11 Cr2023
Asian Hydropower Limited1.1 Cr2023
Reliance Spinning Mills7.7 Cr2023
Shuvam Power Limited5.8 Cr2023
Upper Syange Hydropower Limited 8.7 Cr2023
Ingwa Hydropower Ltd18 Cr2023
Ghorahi Cement Industry Ltd.7.9 Cr2023
Kalinchowk Darshan Limited12 Cr17th January 2023
Rawa Energy Development Limited8.4 Cr2023
Shuvam Power Limited5.8 Cr2023
Hathway Investment Nepal Limited14.5 Cr23rd January 2023
Super Madi Hydropower Limited 31.5 Cr2023
IME Life Insurance 6 Cr2023
Reliable Life Insurance 6 Cr2023
Molung Hydropower3.5 Cr2023
Three Star Hydropower12 Cr2023
Sarbottam Cement Limited24 Cr2023
Sikles Hydropower Limited20 Cr2023
Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Limited 20 Cr2023
Molung Hydropower Company Ltd3.5 Cr2023
Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Ltd 6.8 Cr2023
Abhiyan Microfinance Limited 9 Cr2023
Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower Ltd2.4 Cr2023
Asian Hydropower Limited11 Cr2023
Supermai Hydropower Ltd 1 Cr2023

Important Details of upcoming latest IPO in 2079 (2023)

Now that you have seen the upcoming IPO list in Nepal, here are some key details pertaining to the list of IPO shared above. These quick details will help you to mug more recent details about the IPO in no time.

IME Life Insurance Limited

IME life insurance was established on 15th Aswin 2008 (October 01, 2008). IME Life Insurance started its operation on 1st Bhadra 2074 (August 17, 2017) offering a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet various customers’ needs such as Protection, Savings, and Investment.

Dish Media Nepal Limited

Dish Media Network is Nepal’s Leading direct-to-home (DTH) service provider with an active customer base of around 1.13 Million. The company is proposing to come out with an IPO of 2,385,929 equity shares with a face value of NPR 100 each, at par. The amount of the issue is Rs 23.85 Crore. Global IME Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for the proposed IPO issuance.

BPW Laghubitta Sanstha

The BPW Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. is a microfinance in Nepal. It was registered on 15 April 2019 as a public company as a class ‘D’ financial institution with the Nepal Rastra Bank under Act, 2063, and started formal microfinance operation in April 2019.

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2023

Recent IPOs in 2023

IPOIssue DateClose DateIssue Size
Peoples Hydropower 11 November 202215 November 20225.15 Crore
Eastern Hydropower Ltd 10 October 202214 October 20226.15 Crore
Shreejanshil Laghubitta 31 August 2022 04 September 20223.93 Crore
Khaptad Laghubitta 24 August 2022 28 August 20221.32 Crore
Peoples Power16 August 2022 21 August 202224.6 Crore
Dhaulagiri Laghubitta 09 August 2022 14 August 20223.3 Crore
Aviyan Laghubitta 03 August 2022 07 August 20227.2 Crore
Sayapatri Hydropower 29 July 2022 08 August 2022 6.7 Crore
Mandakini hydropower 25 July 2022 28 July 2022 10 Crore
Swet Ganga Hydropower 20 July 2022 24 July 2022 22.7 Crore
Rapti Hydropower 13 July 2022 17 July 2022 29.41 Crore
Upper Hewakhola 08 July 2022 13 July 2022 13.9 Crore
Himalayan Hydropower 29 June 2022 03 July 2022 19.5 Crore
Adarsha Lahbutitta 15 June 2022 19 June 2022 67 Lakhs
Dordi Khola Jal Bidyut 09 June 2022 14 June 2022 21 Crore
Bindhyabasini Hydropower 03 June 2022 08 June 2022 15 Crore
River Falls Hydropower 11 May 2022 18 May 2022 27.30 Crore
CYC Nepal Laghubitta 16 April 2022 19 April 2022 3.9 Crore
Upakar Laghubitta 08 April 2022 13th April 2022 2.36 Crore
Balephi Hydropower 30 March 2022 4th April 2022 18.2 Crore
Green Ventures Limited 22 March 2022 25 March 2022 31.25 Crore
NESDO Laghubitta Limited 23 February 2022 27 February 2022 8.2 Crore
Rastra Utthan Limited 16 February 2022 20 February 2022 8.5 Crore
Emerging Nepal Limited 8 February 2022 13 February 2022 5.55 crore
Jalpa Laghubitta Limited 4 February 2022 8 February 2022 5.55 crore

The above-mentioned list contains the names of some of the companies in Nepal that going public in 2079. However, this is a list of tentative IPOs and possibly will change as new updates arrive. We suggest you keep visiting the page for more information on the upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2023

We hope you find this information about the latest Nepal IPOs of 2023 and those listed in 2022 helpful.

FAQ on Upcoming IPOs in Nepal

What is the full form of IPO?

The full form of IPO is Initial Public Offering. . Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) represent the first sale of shares by a privately owned company to the public.

How can one apply to upcoming IPOs 2023 online in Nepal?

The online process is a simplified one to apply for IPOs in Nepal. Investors can apply from the website or mobile app of CDSC Mero share.
Visit the Mero Share website and enter the Username and Password before placing the bid. All IPO applications are supported by ASBA, which allows the bank to block the amount for the bid value until the IPO.

What is IPO Issue Size?

The IPO size is the value of the IPO calculated by multiplying the total number of shares by the price per share.

When are the shares allotted in Nepal?

The shares are usually allotted four to five days after the basis of the allotment date i.e one week after the date when investors (who had applied for the IPO) are made of the number of shares they will be allotted.

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