NEB Result 2078: The National Curriculum Evaluation and Development Council has decided to publish the NEB class 11 result 2078 from the internal evaluation of the school.

NEB Class 11 Result 2077

The annual examination of class 11, which was stopped due to lockdown, will be taken by the concerned school this time. The decision was taken by the National Curriculum Evaluation and Development Council chaired by the Minister of Education.

Class 11 Result 2078 Declared Live Updates: NEB has officially announced NEB Class 11 Grade Improvement Result 2078 today

A meeting of the National Curriculum Evaluation and Development Council chaired by the Minister of Education held on Sunday morning decided to determine the class 11 result 2078 based on the interim evaluation of the school like the SEE examination, said Ganesh Prasad Bhattarai, director of the Curriculum Development Center.

Earlier, the Council of Ministers had decided to conduct the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) at the end of class ten on the basis of school evaluation. In the past, the examinations of both the classes were conducted by the National Examination Board (NEB) and the results were made public by him.

Class 10 SEE examination scheduled to be held from Chaitra 5 but a few weeks ago the government decided to stop the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) this year. Four lakh 82 thousand 219 students had applied for the examination and one thousand 995 examination centers were fixed.

The ministry has stated that the class 12 examination will be conducted through the board once the situation becomes comfortable. The council has decided to conduct the class 11 examination from the school from now on.

The ministry has given the responsibility to the board to work out the modalities of conducting the examination, method of giving marks, and other issues. The examination will be organized on the basis of the procedure prepared by the board.

The National Examination Board has been instructed to formulate procedures for how to publish class 11 result 2078. Director Bhattarai said that the examination was canceled only this year but no decision has been taken for the coming year. The class 11 examination was scheduled to be held on April 6.

NEB Result 2078 Class 11 result

After NEB Class 11 Result 2078 is published you can check your result by following ways:

You can check your NEB (National Examination Board) Class 11 Result with a full mark sheet directly on your phone through SMS and by visiting various websites.

You can check NEB result class 11 2078 with full Marksheet through the following websites





NEB result 2078 of class 11 subjectwise directly on your phone
through SMS

1)Check NEB class 11 result 2078 through Namaste SMS

-Type NEB Symbol number and send SMS to 1601.

2)Check class 11 result 2078 through Sparrow SMS

-Type Your Symbol number and send SMS to 35001

Check your Class 18 result by Using IVR

-Dial 1601 through Namaste or landline and follow instructions

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