The social network Twitter has said that its employees can always work from home if they want. About 5,000 employees of Twitter, headquartered in San Francisco, USA, have been working from home since the beginning of March.

Twitter announces employees will be allowed to work from home ‘forever’

The social media has been doing good work from home till now, so if they want in the coming days, they will be able to work from home.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in an email to his staff that over the past few months, everyone has been able to work from home.

He said the office would remain open until the end of this year for employees who cannot work from home. However, the office will not open before September.

Twitter has 35 offices around the world, including London in the UK, New Delhi in India, and Singapore. Companies like Facebook and Google have also allowed many of their employees to work from home by the end of this year.

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