TU Exam Notice 2077: Postponed TU exam 2077 and competitive entrance examination for engineering and medical colleges are not likely to be conducted before Dashain as COVID-19 cases across the country have continued to spike again.

TU Exam Notice: TU Exam 2077

Recently Tribhuwan University TU had decided to hold the previously postponed TU examinations from the third week of August. Previously TU Exam 2077 was postponed due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic and following the decision of the Corona Prevention and Control High-Level Coordinating Committee.

TU Exam Notice; TU Exam 2077

Tribhuvan University has backtracked on its decision to conduct the postponed TU examination immediately due to coronavirus infection. The possibility of the university taking an immediate postponed TU exam 2077 has been ruled out as the number of corona infections has increased and there is a risk of infection in the capital and major urban areas.

Tribhuwan University, TU is expected to announce TU exam notice the much-awaited decision on pending TU exam 2077 within a week. As per reports, TU will release the notice within a week whether the remaining postponed TU exams will be conducted or not, which were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Controller of Examinations of the Tribhuwan University (TU) Pushparaj Joshi said that they have backtracked from the pre-decision to resume the TU postponed examination 2077 from the third week of August.

He said that they are now in a state of waiting and watching the decision of the postponed examination. Various undergraduate and postgraduate examinations of the university have been postponed since last April. Following the government’s request, the government had decided to postpone the TU examination on March 22.

The university has empowered the dean’s offices to decide on the conduct of postponed tu examinations in the event of a coronavirus. Deans have also said that they are not in a position to conduct the pending tu exam 2077 immediately.

Now, the possibility of the postponed examination taking place before Dashain is getting less and less. He said that it was not possible to take a decision about the examination in case of infection and in this case the schedule of conducting the examination would be pushed.

He said that the students could not be contacted even though preparations were made for the examination and they could not take the examination unless there was a situation where public transport could be conducted easily. He said that the state of transition must return to normal as the university exams have to be taken all over the country at the same time.

He informed that the possible situation will be assessed after discussing the issue with the officials of the Ministry of Health. Only then can a decision be made regarding TU exam news on what to do whether to conduct postponed to exam 2077 or not.

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, various education boards in Nepal have either postponed the board exams or decided to determine the exam grade based on the interim evaluation of the school. The National Examination Board NEB has already announced that the SEE result will be published on the basis of school evaluation and as per students’ performance in pre-board exams or internal assessment.

The competitive entrance examination for engineering Institute of Engineering (IOE) and the medical colleges’ Institute of Medicine (IOM) are also not likely to be conducted before Dashain due to a rise in coronavirus cases across Nepal again. An official update is likely to be issued soon.

SEE Result 2076 2077 Published Date NEB

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