There is no charge for any user to watch a recorded video or a live presentation on Facebook. However, in the near future, you will have to pay a fee to watch Facebook Live videos. Facebook is adding the option to charge for access to live streams

Now You Have to Pay to Watch Live Video on Facebook!

According to the news, the company is preparing to implement the rule that users have to pay a fee to watch live videos of other people on Facebook.

During the ongoing lockdown due to the corona virus epidemic, Facebook is going to make such an arrangement to help the artists who give their performances through Facebook Live. Facebook has stated that creators and small entrepreneurs will also benefit from this.

Artists who come to Facebook Live will be able to earn money once the rule of paying to watch live videos comes into force.

Facebook will add a new feature to implement the provision of fees in live video. According to Facebook Live, Facebook users will be able to choose whether to show their live video to others for free or for free.

It is said that Facebook is going to make such an arrangement so that the artists who are forced to stay at home due to the lockdown can get financial benefits by giving their presentations through Facebook Live. Musicians and singers, comedians, exercise instructors as well as people involved in the field of speech or proclamation will benefit from this rule.

If the live performer chooses the option that others can watch his live video only by paying a fee, Facebook will provide a certain amount of the fee paid by the viewers to watch the video.

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With this new feature of Facebook, users will be able to raise funds for any welfare work instead of taking financial benefit from their live video. Such users will be able to add a donut button to their live stream.

Facebook will deposit 100% of the amount collected through the donate button in the accounts of non-profit organizations.

Remember: Facebook introduced a feature in 2018 to pay such a fee for its gaming service.

It is said that Facebook will be able to implement the rule of paying a fee to watch live video from the next few weeks. However, he has not set a date for the launch of this new feature.

Designed specifically for video game players, the streaming platform allows Facebook users to donate money to any video player’s stream.

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