NEB Notice 2077: The National Examination Board has instructed the school not to conduct the annual class 11 examination immediately. The government has also instructed not to conduct the examinations immediately due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

NEB Notice 2077: NEB  Instruction not to Conduct Class 11 Exam Immediately

Even though the government of Nepal has not yet decided to reopen the school due to the infection of covid-19, some schools have made public annoucement related to class 11 examination, which has created an atmosphere of panic among students and parents.

NEB Notice 2077 On Class 11 Examination

NEB Board class 11 Examination will not be conducted on August month clarifies the National examination Board in a recent neb notice 2077 on

In a neb notice 2077 issued on Friday, the National Examination Board NEB said that not to conduct the annual examination of class 11 immediately. The board also said that the internal assessment examination will not be conducted in August. All concerned are informed not to do so. The board has instructed not to conduct the test until further notice as the coronavirus infection is on the rise.

Previously NEB class 11 Exam 2077 was postponed due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Following the request of the Corona Prevention and Control High-Level Coordinating Committee, National Examination Board NEB had decided to postpone the class 11 examination on March 22.

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, various education boards in Nepal have either postponed the board exams or decided to determine the exam grade based on the interim evaluation of the school. The National Examination Board NEB has already announced that the SEE result 2077 will be published on the basis of school evaluation and as per students ’performance in pre-board exams or internal evaluation.

The annual examination of class 11, which was stopped due to lockdown, will be taken by the concerned school from this year. The National Curriculum Evaluation and Development Council chaired by the Minister of Education had decided to conduct the class 11 examination at the school level.

Now, the possibility of the postponed examination taking place before Dashain is getting less and less. It was not possible to make a decision about the examination in case of infection and in this case the schedule of conducting the examination would be pushed.

As per the neb notice 2077 passed by the board about months ago, the examination, certification, and evaluation of class 11 will be done by the school itself, class 11 exam result of students will be graded according to the way it has been graded as past year, question papers will have to be issued according to the syllabus.

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