NEB Exam Notice: The National Examination Board is preparing to conduct Class 12 examination in Ashoj (September). The board is preparing to hold the examination by the end of September (Mid Ashoj).

NEB Exam Notice: NEB Preparing to Conduct Class 12 Examination in Ashoj

Preparations are underway to resume the suspended educational activities as soon as the government lifts the lockdown. The government has decided to allow enrollment of students and conduct of examinations from Bhadra 1. Preparations have also been made to conduct the suspended examinations.

Accordingly, the National Examination Board NEB is preparing to conduct the Class 12 examination in Ashoj. According to the board, it is planned to complete the class 12 examination by the mid of Ashoj. However, the date has not been fixed yet.

Member Secretary of the National Examination Board Durga Prasad Aryal informed that discussions are underway on how to conduct the class 12 examination in Ashoj and the date will be fixed with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The National Examination Board NEB class 12 exam on Baisakh 8 was postponed due to the corona risk following the decision of the Corona Prevention and Control High-Level Coordinating Committee. A total of four lakhs 32 thousand students were sitting for the class examination in Nepal.

Four lakh 32 thousand students are participating in the class 12 examination in Nepal. Similarly, Member Secretary of the National Examination Board Durga Prasad Aryal has urged the students to start preparations as the class 12 examination is certain. He urged the students to be calm as security precautions will be taken.

The board has also passed the class 11 examination and marking procedure. The board is preparing to conduct a class 12 examination in Ashoj. According to him, when the school takes the class 11 exam, it should be taken as it was taken by the National Examination Board and the school will also have to do the verification and evaluation.

As per the procedure passed by the board, the examination, certification, and evaluation of class 11 will be done by the school itself, class 11 result of students will be graded according to the way it has been graded as past year, question papers will have to be issued according to the syllabus.

According to the procedure, students who have not got D Plus grading in class 11 exam will not be allowed to be admitted in class 12. According to the National Examination Board, the schools will be able to take the class 11 exams at its convenience.

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