Premier League club Manchester City have offered 100 million euros and three players to sign Argentine star Lionel Messi. Premier League club Manchester City have clarified their offer for Argentine star Lionel Messi.

Manchester City Offer to sign Messi: 100 million euros and three players

According to Spanish media, Machester City has offered Messi 100 million euros to his three players, Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva, and Eric Garcia in order to grab Messi. Gabriel Jesus has already been linked with a move by Barcelona to replace Luis Suarez.

According to media reports, Messi has personally agreed to come to the famous football club Manchester City. Various media outlets have quoted some sports journalists as saying that Messi will soon make his case to his fans in public about his relationship with Barcelona.

In Spain, meanwhile, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has publicly offered to step down if Messi publicly says he is trying to leave the club because of him.

Star footballer Lionel Messi has already decided to leave Barcelona on a summer transfer. The 33-year-old forward sent a fax to the club on Tuesday, saying he wanted to leave the club.

Messi has been in the mood to leave the club in recent times due to the club’s poor performance, the club’s decision on fellow players, and the growing mistrust of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The Argentine superstar wrote a letter on Tuesday stating that he wanted to leave the club. He wrote a letter to President Bartomeu urging him to break his contract. With Messi set to leave the club on a one-year deal, the biggest pressure has been on chairman Bartomeu.

Barcelona’s weakness was exposed after a humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarterfinals. Messi also had differences with the club over the player’s contract.

Now that Josep Maria Bartomeu has decided to step down at the Messi club, the pressure is mounting on Messi to reconsider his decision. However, his response has not been made public. It is understood that Messi will have his decision in a few days.

Barcelona’s sporting director Ramon Planes had earlier said in a press conference that they were ready to form a team with Messi at the center. He also said he was trying to keep Messi at the club.

In the midst of Messi’s overall affair, various media reports have claimed that Messi is still more likely to leave Barcelona and that the departure of club Manchester City is almost certain.

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