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The grade 12 exam has become uncertain after the second lockdown in the country. After the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) canceled due to Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, some have speculated that the grade 12 exam will also not be held. Those who argue got more strength when the government decided class 11 exam will be taken by the school instead of the National Examination Board

However, Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel said that the Class 12 examination will be held sooner or later. He says, “This is the final exam of school education, so we have not thought about not taking the exam yet.”

Minister Pokharel said that the Grade 12 exam will not be canceled due to various reasons such as the need for certification by the National Examination Board, admission to the university on the basis of it and determination of equivalence.

Grade 12 Exam News Nepal

According to an official of the ministry of education, the government will make a decision soon regarding the grade 12 exam as per the board’s recommendation. The government has already issued Student Learning Facilitation Directive-2077 so that those who do not have access to online can use other means of information technology as well.

Earlier NEB had released an NEB notice 2077 after a fake NEB notification has been shared on Facebook and social media which stated that the NEB Board class 12 examination will be conducted online mixed format.

NEB issued a notice on Thursday warning the public and media to not believe any rumors regarding updates on NEB and to check the official website and social media handles. The board has noticed fake news regarding class 12 board exams date, routines, pass criteria through various social media groups.

The examination scheduled for April 22 was postponed due to the lockdown on April 25. A total of 432,000 students had applied for the exam. The board has already published the information on September 10 and requested the students who have applied for the grade 12 examination to provide details within seven days if they have migrated to other districts due to the corona epidemic or other reasons. There are about 8,000 students from other districts.

Earlier, the board had already published the Secondary Education Examination SEE Result class 10 on the basis of the decision of the Council of Ministers by conducting an internal evaluation from the school. After the implementation of the Eighth Amendment to the Education Act (2028 BS) in 2073 BS, the then Higher Secondary Education Council was disbanded and transformed into the National Examination Board.

If you receive any such notifications about the class 12 examine date and routine, then do not trust them. NEB grade 12 exam 2020 date and routine will be announced by the national examination board on its official website. Check the official website of the board regularly for any kind of notification. At present, the board has not issued any such notification regarding the routine of class 12 and exam date.

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