Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that India has encroached on cultural facts by setting up a ‘fake Ayodhya’. India had set up the disputed Ayodhya even though Lord Rama’s kingdom would be located in the western part of Birgunj, Nepal.

India Encroached Cultural Facts by Setting up 'Fake Ayodhya': PM KP Oli

Although Lord Rama’s kingdom Ayodhya is located west of Birgunj in Nepal, India has created the disputed Ayodhya, he said. Speaking on the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti at the Prime Minister’s residence, he said, “We are still thinking that we have given ‘Sita’ to Prince Ram of India.” We have given Ayodhya to Ram, not from India. Ayodhya is a village west of Birgunj. ‘

‘Ayodhya is not what it is now. There is a huge dispute in Ayodhya, ”said Prime Minister Oli.

Saying that the Valmiki Ashram in Thori, west of Ayodhya Birgunj, belongs to Panditji Ridi, who performed the Putrishti Yajna as there are no children from Dasharatha, he said, The place also belongs to Nepal. ‘

He questioned how Ayodhya came to Janakpur to marry the king if it was in the place claimed by India. Stating that there was no telephone or mobile phone at that time, Prime Minister Oli said, “It was not possible to know from where. We would have searched nearby and got married. ‘

Arguing that Ayodhya is in Thori, he said, “Ram did not leave Sita (now called) from Ayodhya to Valmiki Ashram by taking so many days. Leaving it behind in the forest does not mean that Laxman has been missing for months with his brother-in-law. Khurrar returned to Valmiki Ashram, returned. ‘

Prime Minister Oli said that although the beginning and development of knowledge and science took place in Nepal, the series could not be continued.

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