Google has finally shut down the AdSense app. The Adsense app, which was announced to be discontinued last year, has finally been discontinued by Google.

Google has officially announced the closure of the AdSense app by sending an email to AdSense users.

With the closure, the app is now removed from Playstore and Apple’s Appstore. However, Chrome and Safari users can still add the app to the browser’s homescreen.

Confirming the closure of the AdSense app, Google said, “The AdSense mobile app is no longer available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. But if you are already using this app, you can still use it.

Google is confident that users who have already installed the app will be able to continue using the closed app, but no updates or new security features will be available. Google has stated that even the app that has been downloaded to the mobile phone will stop working in a few months and that will also be informed.

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What is the Google AdSense app?

You probably know about Google’s AdSense app. According to Google, trusted advertisers place ads on websites through AdSense. The more popular the published material, the more income the publisher earns. In fact, it was an income generating tool for creators.

Why did Google Shut Down Adsense App?

In a blog post published last year, Google announced that it would close AdSense’s Android and iOS apps and replace them with a great web feature for mobile users.

According to Google, more than a third of users use AdSense on their mobile phones. Google plans to invest in AdSense’s mobile web interface instead of a mobile app. The AdSense feature, which was discontinued in the app version, will remain the same in browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

Google says it will now bring a common web application support for all platforms, including optimized AdSense features for mobile users.

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