Class 11 Admission Criteria: National Examination Board (NEB) is in charge of enrolling students in Class 11 at NEB-affiliated schools in Nepal and outside the country. To be admitted to NEB Class 11, students must follow the procedures and meet the NEB board’s eligibility criteria.

The dates for NEB Class 11 Admission 2079-80 session will be released soon. Read this article to learn about NEB admission for Class 11, including admission dates, fees, required documents, and the step-by-step admission process.

Class 11 Admission Criteria

NEB has directed the schools to avoid streaming in Class 11 since the previous year. Previously, students had to choose between Arts, Commerce, or Science in Class 11. Students in class 11 will be allowed to choose any combination of subjects this year without any stream.

National Examination Board (NEB) declared the SEE Result on 27 July 2022. This year, the SEE Result was delayed due to a local election in the country. The NEB until this year used to declare Class 10 SEE Results by June end. With the delay in the announcement of the Result, admission to Class 11 has also been pushed further.

After the declaration of SEE result 2079, students finally have a sigh of relief. With the end of this tension, many students and parents are now confused about class 11 admission criteria and which grade can read which subject in class 11 after SEE.

NEB Class 11 Admission 2079 Highlights

Even though the results have been made public in the grading system, ending the tradition of passing and failing the students, the students will be able to choose the subject in class 11 only on the basis of the SEE GPA obtained in the subject and overall.

NEB is expected to start the admission process to class 11 anytime soon. Some Nepali colleges have already started to enroll class 11 students online through various websites. Students can take admission in Class 11 as per their interests and the GPA they have scored. Students have the option to choose from various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Biology, to pursue their higher secondary education. Choose your subjects wisely as it will decide your career after Class 12th as well.

After the SLC marks system changed to the GPA system, the required class 11 admission criteria in various Plus Two and Technical Colleges have been arranged. If the student has a good GPA, he can study the subject of his choice, but if he has a low GPA, he has to study by compromising with himself. Here are some topics to read based on your SEE Grade Point Average (GPA).

SEE GPA Requirement Class 11 Admission 2022

As per the class 11 admission criteria rules, students who have brought Grade Point Average (GPA) up to 1.6 in SEE are allowed to be admitted to class 11 in Nepal, but some criteria have to be fulfilled for this

National Examination Board provides the opportunity of choosing the favorite stream. However, it is mandatory to score the minimum GPA to be eligible for the favorite subject in different streams like science, management, and humanities.

According to the National Examination Board, in order to study physics, chemistry, and biology subjects in class 11, one should bring at least a 1.6 GPA in the result of the SEE exam. Also C plus C+ grade in compulsory English, mathematics, and science subjects.

To study subjects other than physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics in class 11th, a minimum average grade point (GPA) of 1.6 is required.

Class 11 Admission

Requirements for Admission to Technical Subjects in Class 11

If you want to study technical subjects, you can study 29 subjects according to the grade you have obtained through the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training.

Technical education includes study in health, engineering, agriculture and forestry, hospitality, and social sciences. The duration of these programs will be 3 years. The technical courses that can be studied after SEE will be of different duration. A three-year diploma that can advance in higher-level studies and get recognition of middle-level manpower.

Technical education is two and three months, 10 months, and 18 months duration. Only skills are learned from these short-term training, not higher-level bachelor’s. After completing a three-year diploma-level course, there is also an opportunity to study higher education.

The Curriculum Committee of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has some class 11 admission criteria like a student should have a minimum of D Plus in English and a minimum C grade in Mathematics and Science for admission to all Diploma Engineering programs.

Similarly, to study Diploma level in Agriculture in class 11, Food and Dairy Technology and Forest subjects, English, Mathematics, and Science, one should have C in any two of the three subjects, and in other subjects, one should have only D Plus.

Class 11 Admission Criteria

Even on the basis of the grade, it is decided which subject should have GPA to study. To study History, Politics, Culture, Home Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Library, and Information Science, you need to have a 1.6 GPA as well as a C in Social Studies and a D + in English.

Similarly, to study subjects like Mathematics, Accounting, Geography, Economics, Computer Science, Business, Psychology, and Astrology, you need to have a 1.6 GPA in SEE and other grades according to the

NEB Class 11 Admissions | Documents Required

Hence you know that every official procedure requires some verification documents. Moreover, the list of required documents for NEB class 11 Admissions is given here for your reference.

1- Transfer Certificates or Secondary Education Examination Certificate
2- Character Certificate of the student
3- Results of the equivalent qualification

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Class 11 Admission Criteria

What grade is required to study Science in Nepal?

According to the National Examination Board, in order to study science subjects in class 11, one should bring at least a 2.0 GPA in the result of SEE exam. Also C in Mathematics and Science and D + in English, Nepali, and Social.

What grade is required to study Management in Nepal?

Similarly, to study the management group in class 11, you should have a 1.6 GPA and D + in Nepali, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

Which grade can study which subject after SEE?

There are primarily three major streams in Nepal you can choose according to your grade. Students can choose between Science, Commerce, and Humanities/Arts in class 11.

Is D+ is fail or Pass?

There is no pass or fail in the grading system. It depends on which subject you want to study. For example, if you are planning to study science at higher level and receive D+ in some major subjects like mathematics and science, you are not able to study science. D+ is usually the lowest passing grade.

This much I tried to cover as much as I could for a student about class 11 Admission Criteria and which grade can read which subject after SEE In Nepal. If you have any doubts regarding class 11 admission, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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