Bois Locker Room Police Reveal Twist: Gangrape Chats Sent by Girl to test boy's character

In a fresh development in the Bois Locker Room instance, the authorities revealed that the alleged ‘sexual assault’ conversation on Snapchat between two people was made by a single juvenile, a girl, via fake profile to another juvenile, a boy. The Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime Unit said in a statement on Sunday (May 10, 2020)

Police reveal twist on bois locker room. Gangrape Chats Sent by Girl to test boy’s character.

A fictitious name ‘Siddharth’ was used by the girl to make the profile and the dialogue was to examine the ‘values and personality’ of another juvenile, the police said.

Snapchat conversation Bois locker Room

Among the several screenshots shared on multiple social media platforms, is a screenshot of a one time Snapchat conversation, where a person named ‘Siddharth’ is indicating a strategy of aggravated sexual assault on a girl to another person.

The police probe demonstrated that the alleged Snapchat conversation is in fact between a girl (sender) and a boy (recipient ) where the girl is sending chat messages via a fictional Snapchat account called ‘Siddharth’. “Using the fake identity of a male person, the girl suggested in the conversation, a strategy to sexually assault herself.

The purpose of her sending such conversation messages with a bogus, fictional identity was to look at the reaction of the receiver boy and the strength of his character, especially when someone talks bad things about the girl herself.

The receiver, a juvenile, declined to participate in any such plan suggested by ‘Siddharth’ and ceased further communicating with’him’, said the Delhi Police. The boy then took a screenshot of this conversation and reported it to his friends, including the girl about whom the hypothetical conversation of sexual assault happened.

However, the girl, being conscious of how the accounts Siddharth’ that is suggesting sexual assault was fake and created by her, didn’t report it to anyone. One of the other recipients of this screenshot, however, posted it as an Instagram story for some time, from where it began circulating in connected social networking accounts of friends, schoolmates, etc..

When the “Bois Locker Room” Instagram screenshots were revealed to others and began circulating on social media, the alleged Snapchat conversation also got mixed with it due to the sensational nature and because of its availability in various student groups.

The cops said partial information about three Instagram accounts have been shared by the intermediary. Arrests at the caseThe girl working with the fake identity of a male person proposed a plan to assault herself, to which the receiver declined to participate.

The boy who received the message took a screenshot of this conversation and reported it to his friends, including the girl about whom the supposed conversation had occurred. The girl, being conscious of the fact that the account of’Siddharth’ was the identical fake/fictional one that she had created. She didn’t report it to anybody.

However, one of the other recipients of the screenshot posted it as an Instagram story for some time, and from that point, it began circulating in social networking accounts of their friends, schoolmates, etc. But the investigation of this cyber cell police has revealed that there was no such plan of any sexual assault on the girl and the conversation began from the fake account started by the same girl.

The police in the statement have promised that neither of the two were in any way related to the Bois Locker Room Instagram Group, either through their real or fake usernames. While efforts are also being made to identify and interview the remaining of the group members of the Bois Locker Room’ as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, one accused has been held while another juvenile has been apprehended and devices of persons concerned have been captured and sent for forensic analysis, further investigations are on.

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